Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Last Voyage: Mephistophelian, No man’s land & Ocean #AtoZChallenge

State Of Day. I’m Back from seeing my nephew, he’s well and cute and everything a new born is.

On another note, Big Hit did it again, they fooled us! BTS’s next album will not be Love Yourself: Wonder but Love Yourself: Tear…I had a feeling something funny's going on. Anyway, as an ARMY I’m aware of such tricks by now.

Hey there!

Since I’m posting for 3 letters today my fictional self i.e. the Sea Captain, will be taking a backseat and will surface on the next post so that this one doesn’t end up too long. 
Sorry for that. I know some of you are enjoying the story of her voyage.

Aussie the leader, Earnest and Cass

Years ago when I was still a child I fell for an Australian cartoon called Dinky Di’s; a group of animals, who have a sophisticated base and ride catchy ships and fly for missions around the globe to save the environment and endangered animals, from the evil deeds of the organizations’ archenemy Mephisto.

Mephisto appeared in a Dracula jacket style and we can only see his red flashy eyes, as if he wasn't spooking me out as it is, at the end they graced our eyes with the monster within the jacket and man!
The dinky di’s were shocked…little me was double shocked.
Mephisto became my worst nightmare.
No really, it was an iconic moment in my childhood.

Time passed and the PlaySation came along, and teenager me played her first game Pandemonium. The toughest level was the one before the last, it had red laser balls that flew after you and scary faces with big red eyes roaming in the sky that I called Maphistos, because they reminded me of the monster.

Funny after all this introduction, it was only last year I came across the word Mephistophelian!!

The eyes
Of my enemy
Blinking behind the glasses

No Man’s Land
Where horns
Are blown to
Worn, to no avail
My mind.

Cast a
Shadow over the
Sand castle you built
My soul

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