Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoing This Year?

Doing NaNoWriMo this year? cause I sure am (evil laughter)

Hello there my dear dear friends, I have missed you kateer shadeed (a lot,very, i.e. very much).
Surely by now you must know I'm participating in this year's NaNo since I have announced it a couple times before, and it's also one of my main goals for 2013 if you read my Pixy Dust list.

My book is called The League (actually the name is longer but I'm keeping it to myself this time), and on my NaNo profile I have given it a short synopsis (forgive me if it sounds lame, I'm working on it):

In the day marking the end of a millennium, Captain Celia and her comrades of warrior women from The League fight their final battle against their archenemies the Celestials to rid their once peaceful island from them and their dangerous immortal leaders known as The Four for good this time.

As each girl try to fulfill her assigned role in the master plan she opens her heart to tell us about her life as a hero, a women in love and her personal fears. They might be different from each other and maybe not, but what’s in common between them all is the influence Celia has on their lives. 
Have I also mentioned that the girls need to finish this battle and -if still alive that is- look good to attend a wedding? 

OMG I have 13 characters! (until now that is), all are main, all have their own unique voice and story amazingly dreadful! But you guys have no idea how I'm loving this book :D I think I'm doing a good job writing in 1st person, and girls voices are awesome, my last project "Nightsthat I have finished writing if you remember hehe has been mainly colonized by male voices, but now there is only Girl Power!

There are many unfinished businesses that I have to deal with on this blog (Angry face) and it's November, I mean can you believe 2013 is heading to a close? still got a lot of work to do in my life, whether completing what I haven't on this blog, my God forsaken MA research and my writing so I wish for you in the end of this post a swift, uncomplicated week.

By the way, if your participating this year Buddy me please, I'm trying to intimidate my friends a little so they attack back cause that's how I love to make things roll (or whatever).

Meet you again Soon :)