Friday, July 26, 2013

Leaders & followers: Memories of a 6 year old

In order for him to relate to the tortured girl Carrie White in his book Carrie, *Stephen King tells how he had to explore an area in his past so “distasteful” as he calls it, his exact words were “digging back to my memories of high school...remembering what I knew about the two loneliest, most reviled girls in my class—how they looked, how they acted, how they were treated (p.78)
Yes the stories of those girls were sad and both have died tragically in a young age before he even wrote the book, but this simple exercise –if I might call it one- was of tremendous help to him, he finally came to understand and sympathize with his troubled main character. We writers do this a lot, derive from our own memories and real life to enrich, relate and create believable characters and situations.

Friday, July 19, 2013



Salam my lovely friends :)

Just passing by to tell you what’s going on in my life right now;
I finally started “The Fellowship of The Ring”, I just finished chapter 3 yesterday and I can’t believe that until now Frodo is still trying to get out of the Shire! who knew it was that big? And once again I came to the same conclusion, the Shire is a tiring place to live in. Those Hobbits are really nosy.
But the book is very different than “The Hobbit” it took me pages to get a fine laugh, while The Hobbit was very amusing and funny from the beginning. Of course I knew that this one will be more serious but not that serious, and sad. The book is filling me with a dark feeling that is quite uncomfortable and I’m already crying and we haven’t gotten to the strong places yet. The sweet sorrow is at work from the beginning this time not the end.Oh My!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What can a photo illuminate in a story: Or what happens when FC Barcelona Trio cross the portal to an alternative world? Part (2)

State of day. 
Hard luck for Spain, 3:0 is a bit harsh defeat but it was Brazil's year, and they were playing on their land anyway. And so ends the Confederation Cup, next stop World Cup 2014 :)

Midyear is always a time of stress and struggling for me, just like writing a novel, the beginning is exhilarating and all sunshine and butterflies, the end is a sweet sorrow, while the middle? Is a pool filled with sea-snakes producing killing electric volts, octopuses that spray a horrible black ink and God forsaken Piranha fish, and I’m thrown right into it trying simply to survive and get the hell out of it, but it takes all the energy in the world.

It’s pretty much getting hectic in Sudan, God only knows where are we heading!!!

Been watching too much BBC SHERLOCK for my own good (the last episode in season two, Ah! my eyes are still puffed), I'm obsessing about anything Sherlockology actually. Behave Haneen. Behave. O! You know what? I'll just say it; Sherlock, Dr. Watson and of course Moriarty are driving me to the edge, DAMN you MEN! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

Ramadan is only few days away  :) (Thank God, it's about time)  Wow! It’s a year already?