The League

Working Title: The League
Genre: YA & A Fantasy, Romance.
State: Hopefully back to drafting this year, after finishing the MA research.
word count: 52,472
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In the day marking the end of a millennium, Captain Celia and her comrades of warrior women from The League fight their final battle against their archenemies the Celestials to rid their once peaceful island from them and their dangerous immortal leaders known as The Four for good this.

As each girl try to fulfill her assigned role in the master plan she opens her heart to tell us about her life as a hero, a women in love and her personal fears. They might be different from each other and maybe not, but what’s in common between them all is the influence Celia has on their lives. 


One Special Suit
An Old Enemy
Blazing Memories
Revenge on a very cold plate
Beautiful Dresses
Women to Love
Everlasting friendships
Silent sufferings
Sons, Fathers, Husbands & Lovers
Families of warriors
Exotic weapons
Secret doors
Grief, sadness and ruin
White castle
Dark Tower
Terrible confessions
Joys and Sorrows
One Wedding Dress

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