About this Blog

In This Blog. I will be talking about all the stuff that matters to me but seem to bore those around me, my wannabe a published author journey, my ranting about sports, my art work, my childhood memories, my psychic powers and whatever else pups on my mind. 

About the name of this blog. No one has ever said to me “I will never give you up” , not even in Elvish language :( It’s one of those phrases that mean a lot.
I'm a very sensitive person who is always in need of praise words and a boost of confidence, but when i realized that it isn't going to happen soon I finally decided to say it to myself, along with all the things I long to hear but never did: 
You’re strong girl, you’re capable of anything you want to achieve. You’re beautiful, smart, brave and intrepid, and you are the most talented women I’ve ever seen. Your worthy of everything that is beautiful, worthy of an A+ life and therefore write, run, live your life the way you want it to be, and don’t look back in worry for I will always be there for you & I will never give you up.

Abbreviations & Titles:

I’m the third of seven siblings, and in order for things not to go messy (No Messi not you) I will name them like native Indians, according to their characteristics and actions…you know like; Dancing with wolves, Ten bares…etc.

RoboBro: My Older brother. I believe he’s a robot in disguise. He’s the enemy.

JoySpoiler: My second older brother. He just has to say something VERY sarcastic and ruin the whole mood, while he remains happy! He’s one BIG enemy.

StrategyKid: he’s a kid cause he’s younger, and strategy comes from his interest with strategies of countries and well..everything. He’s also a black belt taekwondo guy. He’s my friend.

Missalwayswhining :the first sister after many dark years surrounded by three boys. She complains over almost everything. Well I guess she’s a friend too.

ToonyBoy: that’s another younger brother. He’s over energetic, never serious, crazy, cartoonish all day, and night! He sits on my nerves most of the time, but I’m trying to change my attitude towards him.  Not an enemy nor a friend.

Queenballerina: well, she’s the youngest in the house, she gets her way all the time, she likes to sing and dance like a ballerina. Yea, and wrestle with everyone too. She’s nuts! But since she’s another girl let’s just say she is a friend, for now.

Other small things:

CP: critique partner(s).

WIP: work in progress. 

POV: point of view. 

BR: Beta readers.

AR: Alpha readers.

Fixed titles:

The Other Side Of Down (TOSOD): coming from the title of a favorite song of mine by David Artchuleta. Posts with this title speaks about my achievements whether big or small, at any aspect of life but especially my forays in the writing field. It represents the place where I want to reach and the happiness and confidence it brings. It means so much to me.

State of the day: as it sounds, usually a small paragraph summarizing my feelings/important things that happened during the day of the posting. Or even earlier, hey! it’s my blog, I do what I want, right?!