Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From here & There

I think. my protagonist Mark is whinny. No scratch that he IS whinny. I’m still struggling with the first draft but I cannot ignore the feeling that this is a setback. I really fear that readers will hate him for that. Besides I hate whinny characters, Go figure!
In my head I see him perfectly, how he speaks, moves, fights, laughs I can almost feel him, but when it comes to application words delude me, on paper he’s an annoying little brat! (Ugh! It hurts me deeply to say that, forgive me Mark, please forgive me :(

Ok snap out of it!

Mark is the only son of his family, he’s rich, hard headed and spoiled and sometimes awfully rude!
He has a quite complicated relationship with his parents and because of that he possess this tendency to hurt those who are close to him, who genuinely care for him.  I need to tune his rudeness down a bet though, after all -vampire or not- he is still a gentile(vamp) in the nineteenth century, he can’t be walking around bashing whatever he dislikes and shooting bad words on people, women included. Or can he? 
Actually putting all that aside, when he’s not in one of his aggressive moods Mark can be lavishly charming,  I know he’s my character but this is how I imagined him from the start, and this the outcome I’m doing my best to display accurately (did I actually said that boring line?!)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From Camp Nou with Big Big Love

Messi : Shhhh Don't tell anyone; but we are the best team in the world
Alves: You can count on me mate

They were beaten in Milan by Milan
in the first leg in the Champions league
It was fair & square because unfortunately they delivered one of the most terrible games probably in the last five years!
 Some say EVER!
This sad sad night was followed by a true catastrophe…two consecutive losses in two different competitions to the same team, their ultimate nemesis Real Madrid
All seemed lost
Withered by the wend
After all without their Captain (who I ask God to make his recovery in the US successful & complete) how can they have the energy to win

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Healthy Writers Club: Taking it slow

So regarding my health I’m taking it slow; with injuries in both my left leg and left upper-side of my back any kind of working out is rather tricky.
I’m trying as much as I can to clean my food, especially from the horrible amount of sugar I consume daily. Tracking down what I eat is really helpful, I failed miserably today though :( yes I had some healthy food but I also had more sugar in my system than I should. Oh well, I’ll refine my ways in the future.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I just Love Kodak Moments :)

Hi Everyone :) Other than reading about writers & their success stories, I love watching them in their moments of glory, and what’s more refreshing and wonderful and surreal than grabbing your very own book in your hands and show it to the whole world?
I wouldn’t know since I never reached this point but it is one of my ways for encouragement & giving myself a boost for the day, enjoy the Kodak moment of success of some great achievers, with no particular order I with joy, pride and glee give you;

Hillary Duff with her NYT Bestseller novel Elixir, who would have thought that the actress and singer will end up also...a novelist? huh! what a Shock :P

Well, the Queen herself will never need an introduction, J. K. Rowling & her Harry Potter books simply made history

right away from Germany we have Cornelia Fonke with her Inkheart novel, the first of her Amazing InkWorld trilogy

Aha! That's the other Queen Suzanne Collins with a fan, and in her hand we spot what? of course Mokingjay the last installment of her FAB U LOUS The Hunger Games trilogy.

A beautiful Cinderella story is that of  young writer Kiersten White, 
signing her NYT Bestseller novel Paranormalcy, the first also in a quite successful trilogy.

The only man who made it to this list of mine is no one other than Daniel Alarcon, his debut novel -that I'm DYING to read- Lost City Radio made him famous all around the world, he even knocked the doors of the middle East all the way from America, 
 in 2010, he was also recognized by the New Yorker as one of 20 promising (American) writers under 40, now that is something ;)

well wasn't that refreshing?one day my Kodak moment will be right under these achieving people (or perhaps above..Muahahaha) for now I'll just  leave you and

Bye :)