Tuesday, January 6, 2015

IWSG "Be adventurous"

First Wednesday of the month and it’s time for the always surprisingly encouraging IWSG post!
I mean how could talking insecurities be encouraging?…haha..got the joke? NO? forget it.

This time I enlighten you about past insecurities, if it doesn’t violate any terms of…of…thread of thoughts lost.

The blogging world is filled with good writers, but I wait for Sha’s first post each year. This year as always her starter was inspirational, ridiculously beautiful and thought provoking. I look at her blog and her elegant writing and I say to myself this girl has class and a sense of organization this Captain will never enjoy, you know me I’m all over the place, which is exactly how my brain functions.

Anyway she got me thinking;
It’s nice having a place to return back to.
You know like Tara, Ireland, New Zealand, Egypt and like Sudan or any other place, even your old neighborhood.
Somewhere to belong to, where all the sweetest, kindest, wisest and best of people who you cherish and love so much seem to magically reside.
It’s important to have this sense of belonging.
Its grounding and a true savior when you witness strong unwelcomed emotions of loss and despair.
You know like Tara ;)

So Sha said “Be adventurous”
Funny it’s exactly what I was considering doing this year.
Unlike any other time of my life I feel like moving mountains. Like I have the strength and capability to go after anything I want.
And claim it.
Confidently 8)

It isn’t the first time I felt it but I have stepped to a higher level.
And while it differs from person to another I genuinely believe the thirties are great years for women.
My 20s were all chaotic and the general theme of those years was FEAR and figuring out who I am, and more FEAR.

I remember in 2007 or 2008 writing a letter to Professor Dumbledore (pathetic & wince worthy by the way, don’t expect me to show it here) about how I felt my life was miserable, stuck and uninspiring and how all my dreams shattered and I can’t seem to achieve anything and so on and so forth.
Bottom line I saw myself as a huge GIGANTIC failure.
I also suffered a mild case of victim mentality.
It’s not my thing but I had it back then.   

until I hit the mark of 27 that it. It was as if I was living in the age of tectonic earthquakes and now the planet has finally matured and settled under my feet.
Now in my 30s I’m having the time of my life and tell you what? it gets better and better :)

So about being adventurous, which comes natural to my Captain-ish side :p
I wonder if I can do NaPoWriMo and the A-Z Challenge all together, like writing a poem each day alphabetically? I need to find out.
And about the 3 novels a year fancy dream? I gotta seriously pursue that one with NaNoWriMo for sure this time.
And doing some book reading challenges won’t hurt, especially that I’m bracing myself for some powerful mystery, sci-fi and fantasy reading for the WIPs to come (with the addition of other research work for each book).
I have other plans like a project I’m contemplating on tumlr that focuses on my painting skills, and photography. But I’ll share some other stuff in time, of course academically and career wise not to mention spiritually goals are on my list too.
You know I adore lists ;)

Happy to be here now and with you <3

Amaze you later.


  1. I bet you can do it!
    It wasn't until my late thirties that I figured things out. You are way ahead of me.

    1. Thanks Alex, haha! The Captain is always ahead of the Boss!

    2. ehem...I meant to say the Sea Captain is always ahead of the Ninja Captain...:P

  2. Go, girl! I remember the New Years Eve of the year we would be thirty, and my friends sitting around moaning we'd be old, and I said "No, it's going to a great decade of opportunity!" and a few more bits of stuff. And you know what? It wasn't bad. I think my friends got old before I did, though ;)

    1. Quite so! opportunity is the right word, like you've mastered your abilities and it's time to flaunt it and the sky is the limit, well cause your not afraid any more :)

  3. Hope all those dreams come true, or you at least you have a great time pursuing them. :-)

    Here's my link if you'd like to drop by :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  4. Still in my early 30's and heck yes, I am certainly enjoying it. Happy New Year, Haneen! :)

    1. so happy you agree, I'm wise this year hehehe, and a Happy Year to you to David.

  5. Your voice tells me that you CAN do it.
    Adventurous? I like that.
    If you don't try, then you'll never know!

    NaPoWriMo + the A to Z challenge? Why not? If you plan... and write your A to Z posts beforehand (not sure if you can do pre-writing of posts with NaPoWriMo) then it CAN be done!

    Writer In Transit
    January IWSG co-hostess.

    1. Thanks for your trust Michelle, I need to check the the NaPo one out, never done it before, hope it works out.

  6. If you don't set the goal, I can almost guarantee you'll never achieve. You go, girl!

  7. Wonderful outlook on things! And amazing goals... I'm going to settle with getting ONE novel draft done and edited this year, that seems like an overwhelming enough goal for me!
    Good luck to you!!

  8. Keep telling yourself you can do it. You'll be the Little Engine That Could of the publishing world. :)

  9. Sounds like you're going to have a busy (and AMAZING) year! One success will build on another, which will keep increasing your motivation. My wife also loves to make lists...and cross things off. I trust you'll be able to cross many of the items off your list. :)

  10. You can totally do the things you questioned. I know it's fine to do the poems for A-to-Z on the A-to-Z side of it, but I don't know about the other side. I can't imagine it being a problem, though. And on three novels a year, you'll never know until you try. Good luck!

  11. Ha! I loved your comments about the 30's. I totally agree. Now that I'm in my 40's I can see that trend of settling in and really knowing yourself continues. Just keep the adventurous side too.

    good luck with all your goals. If you are working on them it will be a success no matter where you end up by Dec 31st.

  12. I had definitely expected to be published before I turned 30, among other things, but I'm coming to understand that things are probably going to move slowly for me. I still feel 24 anyway, so I perhaps when I finally feel like I'm in my 30s things will fall into place. :)

  13. Be adventurous... I was super adventurous in my 20's. SUPER. Now in my 30's, I'm ready to calm down and find that sense of belonging in a steady community...and LIVE in the same house for more than a couple years.

    Totally go for NaPoWriMo! I'm excited to see what you come up with for the A to Z, but I'll probably just be reading this year. (Since I'll have a newborn.)

  14. I love to make lists too and I can't agree with you more that thirty is a wonderful decade. It's a good time to find out who you are without all the craziness that comes with young adulthood.