Monday, January 21, 2013

My first post: YaY! For New Beginnings

State of Day: So Lionel Messi on 7 Jan won his fourth consecutive FIFA Ballon d’Or. It’s about time the high of the moment is wearing off me…Dance! Dance! Dance! O yea! O yea! O yea! etc (more on that later). But Amanda Hocking’s post The Absence and the movie ‘Warrior ’ broke my heart.


Hello there Everyone! And Assalamu alaikum.
I can’t believe I’m posting, POSTING on my blog, my very own blog! Finally! You can’t imagine how bad I wanted to have a personal place to express myself other than my diary, I’m so excited. Phew! I spent almost three years and a half digging out this treasure called writers Blogs, and man what gems I found (Some are listed on my blog role on the right side) I like to call this experience “Research”. I just thought it’s time for my own Blog to finally flow on the surface.
So here I am doing what I always wanted to do all my life; writing. Some people tried persuading me to become a doctor, and some a painter. Now I don’t know about the first one but I could have easily turned all Yan Vermeer, but the truth is writing will still be the strongest passion.
It’s 2013 already who would believe? Sci-Fi writers back in the time considered it a very futuristic year with flying cars and all, haha guess that didn’t happen. Anyway, I love new beginnings; ends always make me sorrowful, sad, feeling all chagrin and stuff, even if it was the best ending ever. My year’s theme is Flexibility. Yes, it took me so long to admit it’s what I need, the anxious perfectionist inside me hurt me so much and almost got me killed with misery last year. That’s why I’m done with all the nasty worries & hectic rollercoaster life of the multifunctional person, and the state of parallelism it brought me.
I’m quite excited about Blogging I think it will be an interesting journey. Will I end up where Natalie Whipple  ended after five years of blogging? loving herself dearly and as a result she no longer think in blog posts anymore nor seeking attention the way she used to be, she’s much interested in listening and helping others now? (you’ve always been a great help Natalie), not mentioning that she has a two book deal under her belt. That would be cool to me. I sure want to love myself and help others.
Will I find myself where Aisha Amin is right now? After two years of blogging where she mentions (while tackling a thorny issue with class) that she’s surprised how her “humble blog” (that got extremely famous by the way) became so dear to her heart? That would be nice too, considering that she’s a wonderfully established young women who words can never do her justice. But wherever this road leads me I’m ready and fully loaded.
2013 is where I want my stop to be: finishing my very first serious novel and getting published, on a small scale that is, i.e. short stories level, and I really feel it will happen because a) I have a plan b) my psychic powers told me. May Allah grant me and all of us our wishes.
The Other Side Of Down today is this post, Hurray! yuppyyy!  Skip, skip!…ok we got it cut it out women your embarrassing yourself!
I want to worn ya all though:
Warning. Sometimes I love to disappear, hide where no one can find me and cut all means of communication with the outside world. This includes Blogging too. It’s just me going through my own cycle.
So just in case this happens and I give no notice don’t worry cause I might be on a quest fighting fiercely the Morlocks as I cross a dark forest, or on a magical carpet flying around castle pinnacles and landing on a crescent above a beautifully designed minaret. Or saving Frodo from a raging mount-doom, cause you know, Gandalf could be busy battling Balrog, perhaps it was me who sent that monster after all cause I so want to save my noble, cute, charming little Hobbit (Oops! Too much information to declare). Anyway, I might also be on a lighthouse blowing the fog-horn for the world to hear announcing that I won an annual mortal contest. 
These are some on my daily to-do list. Really no worries I’ll be fine, People! I’m professional, been doing it all my life. I will eventually reappear again. Alive!
Just remember this; Whether I’m running through endless Savanna lands into the sun set, or locked inside a giant fighting robot in mid battle, or peacefully dozing on my ship, I have a tendency to return to where everything started. A gipsy curse & a fairy Godmother gift passed to me through my name ‘Haneen*yearning, longing*.
Sorry for the long post. Nop I’m not sorry hehehe.
Thank you 


  1. Wonderful writing Haneen. I love your language and how you use words. I believe in you and to me you have always been a writer and now you are just getting better and better. May Allah bless you

  2. Awww! Thanks Nada your my first official comment, it will be important when I become the rich and famous, hehehe. I hope all goes well and I find myself among published writers. Thanks for your sweet comment, may Allah bless you too.

  3. Woohoo, congrats on starting your first blog, Haneen! Can't wait to follow your writing and your adventures, inshAllah! Wish you all the best on your blogging journey :)

  4. OMG!! it's actually you!!! Amen & Thank you very VERY much Ikhlas I wanted to give you a special invitation and all but I guess you found out on your own, haha talking about me being the rich & famous :P, no really I'm honored to have you here in my humble Blog considering that you are one of my inspirations to start it in the first place, you are more than welcome and I hop you enjoy the ride with me cause I have a feeling it's going to be bumpy!! yea and good luck with your writing too

    1. awww you're so sweet! best of luck with your writing and blogging! :)

  5. All the best with your blog!!:)


    1. Aww! I'm humbled like never before by your passing by Aisha, Thanks for your kindness.