Saturday, January 26, 2013

Second post? Thought it will never happen & what lovely Kiersten Whites said

State of the day. Will this fatigue ever leave my poor body? And yesterday Michelle Argyle’s publisher Rhemalda made her novel ‘The Breakaway’ free for two days I suppose? and yup I snatched my PDF copy, already into it right now. Lucky Me :P 


So although I already had so many posts in store for the future I simply didn’t know what to post for my second one, non of them seemed fitting or right.
At the end I thought why not just talk about something I love? My WIP ^_^

Today I finally finished a scene in my WIP; let’s call it the “winged horse” scene. Although it’s fairly an easy one it took me days to force myself to actually do the work. O it was just me procrastinating. Again!

And what’s funny is that I was so much engrossed in my top secret sci-fi project, yet today it was hard to write but few lines in it. All my focus was on my novel. And that’s a good sign, I really want to finish the first draft. So I intend to make as much use of my usually short-lasting span of enthusiasm as possible. I also want to have a day for writing dangerously i.e. writing in only the novel all day long. I need that to make a big leap inshaallah :)

I gave myself a new deadline to finish my novel, it makes sense this time because there isn’t much work left. Well there is a lot left actually but the difference this time is that after 3 years and a couple of months writing it, it is only now that I can see the end. I already wrote the end but what I mean is now I can finally reach it. like..see it coming.

And by the way, I’m the kind of writers who once get hooked by a new idea they can see the beginning and end. And frankly knowing how it all will end is the best part of it, because after that there will be the dreadful question “Now how on earth am I going to go from point A to point Z?” Here my friends lays the true nerve wrecking work.

COOL. Let me tell you something cool, yesterday Natalie Whipple (who her debut novel Transparent  is coming out this year from Harper Teen) posted her monthly all day Q&A (all weekend this time), where her readers get to ask her whatever they want and she answers all in comments.

Anyway, each time she does this ritual her lovely friend Kiersten White (The New York Times bestseller author of the Paranormalcy trilogy) jokes with her by asking the same old question “how did you find your critique partners?” it makes me laugh every time because Natalie gives her the funniest of answers, this time though she was rather harsh hehe.
I asked my questions but started by stating how I find this joke between the two young ladies hilarious. Guess what happened? as I waited for Natalie’s words of wisdom it was Kiersten who hijacked by saying:

See, Natalie? SOMEONE appreciates me.

I laughed and laughed and then I laughed again. And I told Natalie I will blog about it and here I am doing it. I mean come on! a NYT Bestseller Author…responds to something I wrote even if it was not directly to me! How often does it happen? It made my day or night if you want the truth.

The Other Side Of Down:
1.     I finished reading the Sudanese poet Muhammad Al Fayturi’s book (composed of his first four collections) and I loved it. Given to me by my dear friend Yousrah, Thanks Yousrah ;)

2.     I tried three new exercises to comfort myself .Loved the stretching and the breathing ones, hated the ‘Noting’ one. And that actually is very good to begin with :)

3.     Writing this post, because as I said it was hard to do.

4.     And HaHa I get to read Michelle Argyle’s the Breakaway.

Done for today, stay tuned for my two part FC Barcelona related posts, one is even WRITING related, wanna know how? As I said stay tuned, Muhahahahahaaaaaa!

So tell me, any fun things going on in your life lately?


  1. Salaam! Just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud and excited to see another Muslim girl in the YA circle! I wanted to e-mail you, but couldn't find one...

    1. Wa3alaykum Alsalam Kaye M :)
      Thanks for following my very humble blog, Aw! That is so nice of you, and I know what you mean; finding Muslim girls who write YA in the world of Internet is like searching for a needle in a heap of grass! Well hopefully that will change in time. One of the reasons I started my Blog is because I wanted to create this place for myself because I couldn’t find anything similar.
      As for the e-mail thing; yea I know my bad :P I just thought that it’s too early to put any contact info on the Blog, who would want to e-mail me? And people can just talk to me on facebook and my Google account, but since your wit and words have touched my ink-stained heart(Lol!!!) I’ll refine my Web manners and add my little made-of-gold e-mail :)
      thanks again

    2. You're so welcome! Don't be surprised if I e-mail you :p