Friday, February 21, 2014

Ha Ha!

Chun-Li surrounded by the bad guys in the bar
Hello sweeties! How about a funny story today?

My brother JoySpoiler is such a character. We were re-watching that Kristen Kreuk movie “Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-Li” (love it) and we got to where Bison takes his pregnant wife to the cave, so JoySpoler says rather casually (if a bet sarcastic)
“that crazy man, he blew his wife open!”
Me correcting the plot, being the writer I am, interfered by saying
“no he didn't, he separated the good inside him and transformed it to his unborn child, it was a very dangerous operation that’s why his wife died in labor”
Nodding at me in agreement he just said, “he blew his wife open”
"yes he did”

And that was as fruitful as our conversation could get.
Ladies and gentlemen, my brother; JoySpoiler.

Barca last week defeated Manchester City 2:0 on their own field, the Etihad in an away game in the Champions League. I have to admit that was beyond brilliant, I did not expect it. Things heated up in the second half, the time in which her royal highness The Electricity chose to die, we couldn’t see but the final quarter of it, i.e. I have missed Messi’s penalty (which was beautifully done), 

Messi hugging his Barca mates after scouring 
But at least we got to see Alves navigate his flying rocket into the net, make a silly short dance with his fellow Brazilian Neymar and secure our win.
Now, what are the odds that the City, in the second leg, knocks Barca with 5 to Not and on Camp Nou grass? unless of course Barca players decided to shoot themselves in the foot (a task they can really excel at sometimes). I can safely say we have crossed to the next level.
Phew! That was rather detoxifying, from the fear that is, I dreaded this game since the day I heard of it. I was all giggles while the boys were celebrating their V.Day with the crowd but it didn’t stop me from singing along with “Wonderwall” as it played all through the stadium, Ah, great choice of song. 

And while we are at it. Pleas, Please, Please No Argentinian , Spanish, or German player develop a serious injury before the World Cup. (are you hearing me Aguero? I got my eyes on you boy)I don't care how the Champions or any other local tournament is taking or will take a dangerous curve at this time of the year, keep focusing on the big prize boys. 

Extra laughs:
“One of them, Beechbone I think he was called, a very tall handsome Ent, got caught in a spray of some liquid fire and burned like a torch: a horrible sight.”
The Fellowship of The Ring
He’s been among Ents for less than a week, creatures completely foreign to him, and he’s already describing one of them as handsome.
Pippin Took it’s official; You are adorable.

Um what was I saying ? Oh yes,
“I said maybeeee
your gonna be the one that saves meeeeeee,
And after aaaaaaaaall
You’re my wonderwaaaaaaaaaaall”

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  1. Wonderwall is the song to sing. Love Legend of Chun-Li, watched it repeatedly when it showed a couple times on the channel Space. Another movie I love Speed Racer. If you want loads of funny moments this is a movie to watch. Though I love the driving, characters and crazy antics the best.

    1. I didn't see this one, but I want to, I've always liked Speed Racer, now I'm really going to wait for it -since they will most likely re aired it again on Dubai One or MBC 2- given your recommendation :)