Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Shooting star


Well let's face it every time Barca meets Osasuna it's normally the big win, so I’m not here to brag about the 7-0 that took place on Sunday night, yes yes I won't deny my joy when the team scores like crazy, it’s rather refreshing before difficult coming matches, they have Real Madrid on their schedule for next Sunday, a la lega game, expected –as usual  to be a true pain, but I also can't deny my feelings of restlessness & guilt when other teams are crushed and burned like that, it hurts, if a little.

Today though I'm here only for one of those brilliant 7 goals.

The Don Ineista on that particular match have scored his first goal in the season, better late than nothing right? he isn't generally known for his many goals anyway, last Sunday he refused to come out empty handed, without participating with his mates Messi, Tello, Pedro and Sanchez, yes he delivered and he did it with class, a shooting star, his favorite type of shots and it was a luxury to watch, and so was his heartfelt celebration. Congrats Don :)

Funny moment. Alves,  the Brazilian he is, likes to show his dancing talents on the field whenever there is a chance. This time he took it to the next level! After a perfect pass  that resulted in Messi scoring, Messi ran and jumped over his friend and Dani, practically danced carrying him, okaaaay, that was silly, in a hilarious way.

What did I tell ya

And. I just watched The Maze Runner’s movie trailer on David Power King’s website, can’t deny it guys it looks amazing, Dylan O'Brien Teen Woolf fans! Can’t wait for this one to emerge on the surface.

Finished The cuckoo’s calling and The Governess Affair this month, I'm reading again, hurrah!

Good day


  1. I know nothing about sports. Glad you had fun. The Maze Runner is pulling me in. I think I'll buy book one next month and happy reading.

    1. Thanks, I love football :) and I haven't read the Maze Runner too, only the Wikipedia summary, which sounded really good, I want to get my hands on the book too, the movie on the other hand, separately, looks right up my alley.

  2. Sports get you jumping while you watch players on screen. Nice post :)