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Brazil World Cup part (1) The Goodbyes

it will be kinder

The World Cup couldn’t have chosen a worse time to, well, happen! Ah! It is I who couldn’t have chosen a lousier time to start a new job. I wanted to blog earlier but didn’t have the time, got a lot on me plate these days but here I am today and it is the part where I say goodbye to the departing teams of stage one.

You know, I thought the world cup will feel heavenly for this wannabe football buff, but the thing is it's not. I don’t know why but it lost its spark and I can’t pinpoint the reason, there is only the feeling that something is seriously missing. The teams quality of play is generally meh, anyone can devour anyone, and it doesn’t show that a new champion will ascend the thrown, only the same old heroes. Is this the problem? Or is it the not cool timing of some games? It’s Brazil and this is Sudan for God’s sake! Some games are as late as 2 am and I got to wake up on 5.30 so you get the picture.
Have I grew up out of my old passion? Maybe.

I can also add that the referee(ing) (can I say that?)  was least to say terrible and pretty politically influenced unfortunately yet again not a big surprise.

Spain…my Spain
Spain 1 – 5 Netherlands
Spain 0 – 2 Chile
Spain 3 – 0 Australia

I love me some Robin Van Percy goals but this was ridiculous. Double ridiculous with the help of Sanchez and his mates in Chile.
No. That wasn’t ridiculous. That was devastating and spirit crushing. The Spanish team was a broken one, all the glamour, perfection and skill was gone in the World Cup, del Bosque decided to play horribly safe and chose the wrong players and it was all bad from beginning to end. There was this saying when the boys won the 2010 WC; that Spain got the Cup with Barcelona players in addition to Iker (from Madrid) I do believe it’s an exaggeration but let’s face it now that Barca has fallen miserably last season and got out of the three big races empty handed I understand the crashing of Spain’s national team.
My heart ached, zooming the camera on a sad faced Xavi or a tearing Iniesta isn’t exactly my kind of perfect football night. 
a sad scene I wish to never see again Iniesta

But you know, what made sleeping harder for me in the night of the second defeat against Chile wasn’t the exclusion of Spain, it was the news of Xavi leaving Barcelona.

Goodbye Xavi

The dedicated and legendary son of Terassa, our Captain, is leaving. I heard he’s going to Qatar. The final haven for the elderly stars. Maybe he is following the footsteps of his mentor and former coach Pip Guardiola, everyone seems to predict a great coaching future for him if the El Maistro chose this path.

But in any case, I wish him all the luck although I cannot imagine the club without him for he is the symbol and the mark of both La Masia  (the Barcelona youth academy) and Barca. Now my favorite trio will be broken, only Leo and Iniesta, no Xavi. Well, maybe if Xavi did head to Qatar it will be closer than Camp Nou and perhaps I can pay his pitch a visit.

Goodbye Villa

David Villa

A man to respect, a football hero to remember always, Spain’s all-time leading goalscorer has probably played his final match with his country team against Australia, ending his international career with another brilliant goal that speaks of his excellence and worth as a striker, next stop? USA, New York City FC.
I was a big fan since 2010, and when I saw that he came to Barca me and RoboBro gave a BIG “WOHO!”
Goodbye David, it’s been an honor.

Goodbye North Korea and Japan, Honda you are still my favorite Asian player.
Japan's shining star Keisuke Honda

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia and Ghana.
Teams I really wanted to see more of but that’s life.

I have some words of wisdom to say to my boys of Spain, some I learnt from footballers (cause footballers can speak good too you know)
You boys are everlasting.
You have achieved the highest point of your career already. 

You have written history that has never been written before in the books of your nation, that officially makes you pioneers, and your families to come will carry a badge of honor forever because of that great performance.
Life is ahead of you, you have all the time to be better men, brothers, sons and fathers, and you have more than what you can imagine,

like precious Valerias :)
There is more to you boys than footballers.
There is still a time for a new beginning. And I love new beginnings.
There will be some big changes now whether for Spain team or the FC Barclona club, good ones I believe. The season is coming, you need only to rest now.
You will be happy again.
I promise.

And what did David Archuleta say?
There’s  a rainbow always after the rain!

Next post is for the winners, stay tuned :)

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