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Brazil World Cup part (2) From 16 to 8 and Decreasing

State of Day. I’m happy that Carles Puyol former Barca Captain was the Spanish player chosen by Fifa to represent former winners Spain and have the honor to hand the Cup to the new winning team on the final night. A respect he truly deserves.
Saw Hugo again yesterday, that scene in the end with a tearing Hugo telling the guard ‘you should understand’ gesturing to his injured leg gets to me every time, I love this movie.
And is it true that Suarez is coming to Barca? I think it is. Badly done FC Barcelona management, badly done.

Group stage is behind us, the winning 16 have reduced and the mighty 8 are upon us, Dun Dan!

And Ramadan is here and I pray it’s a month of grace, blessing and happy times for everyone :) just like London Olympics in 2012, this world cup has entered the realm of Ramadan and for Musilm footballers participating in the tournament  I give big a Hip Hip Hurray!
but Oh My God! I think this Cup is picking up finally. Germany vs Algeria, wow!

Now let’s go back a little: in the group stage Brazil only found Mexico as a true opponent, they finished in a 0 – 0 tie, that was one strong game.
In the sixteen stage Brazil clashed with non other than brilliant Chile. Meaning what? My boys at Barca had some time to catch up. Yup! Dani Alves and Neymar won a difficult game against Alexis Sanchez, a game that went until Extra-Time and through penalties. I love when the national team games give a chance for friends to meet again, it’s one of the highlights of my watching.

The Barca Trio greet each other

The penalties were, least to say, poorly executed (which wasn’t a surprise for me with these particular teams) but still did nothing to improve my famous low pressure reaction to it.
I feel sorry for Chile, especially Alexis who missed a penalty, and I say it’s too early to crying now Neymar, I know Chile almost gave you a humiliating run down in front of your audience and all history books but you still got more to come. Of course the last season with Barca was Alexis’s most achievable one but truth must be told with Chile the guy is something else, I mean far dangerous than I ever thought that he could be, amazing.
Goodbye Chile,  keep going Brazil.

So sorry Mexico had to lose against Netherlands in the 16 stage. That was so annoying. But wonderful keepers we have on this Cup, they shine brighter than the strikers if you asked me, and Guillermo Ochoa of Mexico is definitely one I will be looking forward to see in the future. But can we have a minute to appreciate that Ochoa have some similarities with the American writer of Peru decent Daniel Alarcon? Hmm

Daniel and Ochoa


Thomas Müller
Müller, me boy, what is going on eh? A hat-rick on your first game against Portugal! Then that rounding shot in the Ghana game wow! Boy, you are so competing on the scorer of the World Cup again! Give some space for the other older guys now well you.

Klose the legend (Source)

And Miroslav Klose (one of my all time favorite German players) who was hailed Germany’s top scorer days before the kicking of the world Cup has finally equaled Ronaldo’s record with 15 in all his participations in the WC, now all we need is another one to exceed him hahaha. 36 years old and he’s still a breaker, that is what I call Excellency.

But man oh man ALgeria.

The boys are hailed heroes in their homeland

Whether the 4 – 2 win against North Korea (a number of goals never achieved before by an African team in one match in a world cup) or their 1 – 2 match against Germany or even their whole journey,
Breathtaking, fantastic , amazing.
The only match I really felt was worthy of a World Cup the one with the Germans, made me feel like the old days, Rais M’Bohli Algeria’s keeper was magnificent, being chosen man of the match wasn’t arguable, poor Müller wanted to pluck his hair out of his head, man he was pissed off, hehehe. Joachim Löw (Germany’s coach) looked like a scarecrow all in dark colors and a zombie face, he didn’t like what was going on and gave me the creeps, man that guy’s scary. I of course cheered for both teams so when the match was over I was proud. Really proud. Brahimi, Feghouli, Slimani and Soudani, some of my favorite players. The Algeria players were given a pass to break their fasting in Ramadan on the day of the match, I have no idea who followed with it and who didn’t but I know for sure one player refused to do it, he was the same player who scored Algeria’s one precious goal in a killing time.
Djabou the Algerian hero

Abdelmoumene Djabou. That is the stuff legends are made from people.
Vahid Halilhodzic is a gem of a coach, he should stay on board.
I still enjoy watching their photos as they are celebrated by the Algerian people in their homeland.

Costa Rica! You got to be kidding me, guys you made my day with that win against Italy. And then….you made real history with your win against Greece. A Cinderella story.
Against Greece they were winning with one goal, but at extra time Greece tied. The problem was the players were exhausted and the Greece team was still booming with energy, poor guys were falling like autumn leafs but they succeeded in keeping their net  clean, when the penalties time came (which were class this time), magic was still in play, RoboBro said it, the penalties are better for Costa Rica cause their keeper is better than that of Greece.

His name is Keylor Navas.  I know him cause he plays with Levante in la lega.
He made a tremendous job in guarding his goal against massive Greece attacks, and when the time came it took him to stop one goal from entering and his team was declared winners. Told ya keepers are shinning brighter. And I heard there's a hill of a fight on him now from big teams.
My God! This is what I call true heart.
“But Captain what about the King?” you ask me.

The King celebrating with zest

Argentina….have you noticed that Leo the capitano is on fire lately, have you noticed that he has broken the curse and is the top scorer of his team in the tournament these days, tell me you have noticed. Amazing. When Leo is feeling good Argentina is feeling great and I am feeling happy, it isn’t a surprise he was man of the match in all those previous games cause he’s the one who truly makes the change in the whole match.
Aguero and Higuain on the other hand are having some serious scoring block, 3 consecutive wins in the Group Stage work of wonder boys, then another rather difficult one against Switzerland, if it wasn’t for Leo’s skilful assist for Di Maria Argentina would have said goodbye Brazil. My problem with their team is this; they depend heavily on Leo, they are packed with individual talent but the team work isn’t there and their defense is weak, not reassuring really. Hope it all ends well for them and they go further.
Belgica isn’t easy guys, if you think you will sail through its sea undetected with the blessing of Leo I assure you you’re wrong. Take care.

Nigeria got shot out by France (what is it with Didier Deschamps team lately? So annoying. Deschamps himself, on the other hand, big fan since the great win against Brazil and France’s only World Cup in 98, some memories) but Ahmed Musa was a true star against Argentina, this boy is worth gold. Great job guys and Bye Bye.

Quite Stylish. That goal Van Persie scored against Spain with his head was,…I’m speechless. Leo’s goals in general were super class but he killed it (including the game) against Iran. Götze, the young German striker, had his classy way of celebrating his goal against Ghana, no craziness nor sliding on the grass (pretty overused) he spread his arms to the crowd with a look displaying greatness. Your a movie star my boy.

Robin is, well, flying, Götze "I'm the greatest!" and Leo has never been happier in a world cup

My father brought me this from England

The nicest gift for a book nerd girl. Although I think I qualify as a geek more than a nerd, well according to some online tests and stuff. Anyway I am over the moon, since I saw Danielle Laporte interview on the Marie Forleo Tv and I wanted to read her book The Desire Map  so badly and finally I’m reading it :)

See you soon

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