Monday, March 23, 2015

The Grand Clásico Won and The A to Z theme reveal


State of Day. El clásico stands for Barcelona vs R Madrid. It can also be used for any match bringing in a nation’s two top fav teams). 


Man I wish I was there

I can’t stop but keep looking at this 98,000 cards creation, it’s so enticing!
The audience are the player number 12, I mean how beautiful, how involving and appreciative, I almost cried. I told people about it in the morning. I’m still telling people now. And I can keep going on and on. Who ever thought of this fabulous mosaic for Camp Nou I tell you this; thank you very much.


and so was the team yesterday. AWESOME! after so many hard times and adjusting with a new couch not to forget such a terribly bumpy ride last season, we have done it and won the first clásico in 2015. (2 -1). Mathieu (from a gorgeous assist by Messi) and Suárez (a sneaky lovely goal) from our part, and C.Ronaldo for R Madrid (the building to this goal was quite a sight from the Madrid men).

last night's scorers
And they did!

Tell you something, I really hate the clásico(s).These matches bring the worst in both teams, for one, Barcelona is known for attractive and clean play, the minute they play against Madrid it seems more of a WWF wrestling ring than a breath taking rectangle of evergreen grass (politics do play a part here). But of course so much depend on such games, not only the results but also the players' state of mind and drive to win, naturally I will never let it pass if I could. It is labeled the clásico of the world after all, and I tell you it’s a big deal even here in Sudan, you should see the streets after the match, you know something was going on. 

Now appreciate these happy faces and smile for me will you :)

Our very MSN : Messi (center), Suarez (left), Neymar (right) after the match

And Oh my God! We are still in March, no titles won yet with the ghost of the alluding Copa America waving at Latino nationals, yet people are already announcing the golden ball for this season will be Leo’s. I mean God Almighty! Three months in and after he was behind with 12 freaking goals after C.Ronaldo, Messi is now La Lega’s Pichichi! He scored 32, while C.Ronaldo  (including yesterday’s goal) has 31, can you possibly believe how he turned the tables? 
waite a sec!'re not telling me his out-of-this-world performance against Man City in the second leg in the Champions the other day will happen again, right? right? cause that will make him a living Super Man and I'm already quiet terrified. In fact, it was that brilliant act that made the world of football predict Barca's win against Madrid yesterday. 

source. Even Guardiola was in Awe of Leo's against Man City performance 

I pray the Yellow flicker beat continues sparking up Messi’s heart and the explosive comeback for the best player in the world lasts, for the love of heart stopping Playstation-ic football that is.

You hear me Messi; you must...ehem..Never mind.

All we need now is titles. First Copa del Ray, next Champions league, finally the Lega. God, just listing it like this sounds so daunting.

I HEART football.
I HEART FC Barcelona.
Visca Barca.

The A to Z challenge theme, yes I haven't forgot. The truth? I took a walk around the block to visit some of the blogs that are enlisted in the theme reveal challenge only to see if I should go on with this or just highlight away. Because? I thought I was making a fool of myself and my theme is ridiculous and not worth revealing.
I’m that hypersensitive sometimes so bear with me will ya.
Of course eventually I gained enough courage to continue with my original plan.
This year I had the itch to write poetry. Not that I’m good or anything but just for the fun of it. I didn’t have a certain theme nor did I thought I cared but then I read ThirteenReasons Why by Jay Asher and as I was thinking and rethinking and connecting with Hanna’s pain and depression the theme for the challenge materialized in my head. Here it is:

you can see the tone will be dark  

I’ll circle a letter from the alphabet pic on the left (still not sure whether I’ll circle, square or just mark it but let’s not fuzz about that one shall we?)
Each day of the challenge will have a poem titled with a word that starts with the new letter. All the poems will talk about a certain feeling or experience or even a knowledge that a loner can provide. I know about this because let’s face it I’m a loner. Most of the year. The poems will be short and as you guessed not very happy but not completely miserable. That's not me. On some days I will be adding poems from my fav poets and stuff, (stupid ha? makes my poetry pale more in comparison). 
hehehe (sorry had to laugh).
Don’t know if you will find it interesting or not but at the end I am doing this one for me. last April, when I first did the challenge, I did it cause everybody was doing it, it was more for others than for me, but this year, it’s my time.
And, you all remember that the 2nd of April is my birthday eh?
Just saying.




  1. And here I thought you were going to do a futbol theme! However, I do love poetry, so that's a good choice.

    That card display in the stands was spectacular.

    1. cleemckenzie I should have shouldn't I?! God! I should have done a football theme, it's already there: M=Messi, X=Xavi, I=Iniesta, and it continues. Maybe next year :) I love football to pieces. And that mosaic was mind blowing, I wish I was there. Well, good you love poetry, I hope you enjoy my musings.

  2. I have a friend who is doing poetry too. Good luck.

  3. Visca Barca :) Looking forward to your poems! :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - The crazy thing about Hungarians...

    1. Aw! did you just say Visca Braca? Thank you very much :D

  4. I love how sports can bring a whole crowd together. It really is uniting (as long as you're all on the same side!)
    I think poetry is a wonderful theme. Nothing like a creative challenge to get the brain cells firing.

    1. Elizabeth: Sports are grate. My brain sure needs a push these days so I hope the the challenge will do it for me.

  5. As a loner, I am looking forward to your poetry.

  6. I think those poems will be very powerful as they'll come from your heart.
    Visca Barca!

    1. Oh My! another Visca Marca? I'm such a lucky girl :"D I hope you like my very humble venture into poetry land Alex.

  7. Waiting to enjoy your poems :)

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