Sunday, March 1, 2015

Farewell to The Master

State Of Day. On the Man City match last Tuesday Messi oddly missed a penalty and from two tries! ouch. Not surprisingly he took it pretty hard.

after the miss :(
But...yesterday against Granada in La Lega he scored an effortless goal that got him all smiling again. Welcome back Leo.

And it was from quite a while yes but I’ve received the Liebster Award, my ever first award yay! More on this in a coming post, thank you Tyrean Martinson.

Farewell To The Master is an 1940 short sci-fi story by Harry Bates about a daring picture reporter called Cliff Sutherland who stumbles on some amazing secrets concerning two time travelers who’s ship materialized suddenly in the sky, a beautiful human-looking being called Klaatu and a huge green robot called Gnut. A remarkable story that builds up until it gets to its remarkable ending, a surprise done with class. The movie The Day The Earth Stood Still was based on it, but it’s quite different from the original story.

So what does this has to do with anything?

Well if you must know…I said farewell to my KG2 students last Friday. It was their graduation day, a wonderful day, and they performed brilliantly, dancing, singing, delivering speeches and dialogues, they did it all. 

Yes, we have graduations for kindergarten children, a serious party that is, and regardless of whether I agree with most of what goes on in such days/nights or not, know this; we are a nation that likes to bring partying and singing to whatever time and place you can imagine. It’s a fact.

Carrying on;
My lovely eight students. The first I ever said goodbye to, the first I ever see graduate, the first class, a perfect class. They are all heading to a new life in school and although I'm very proud and honored that I got to share this early journey with them I’m also kindda feeling….depressed.

The truth is, I was occupied with the performances and the preparations, it didn’t occur to me that this was it until it was time for giving certificates. I was watching them receiving their scrolls one by one happy and confused while I’m standing there reality downing on me. It’s over! I will never see them in the kindergarten again, they will never be waiting for me in their cute red class and I have no more lessons to give.
My eyes got blurry.
That can’t be happening!

I want my kids back, all of them, how dare you take them away from me? I don’t care!
I just want them back the way they were.
God it was hard.

The parents were thanking me for the good job I did with the kids but I wasn’t focusing on a word they said.

Uggggghhhhh how stupid I am! What did I expect?

It felt like I was right back in square one last year on June, when I was a new frightened teacher asking other experienced colleagues how they do it?
I should have asked how you deal with saying goodbye?

I will get over it. But I’m equally sad and angry. The anger part is at my foolishness cause I knew that this will happen. I know how attached I get to children, and how it’s always hard for me to let them go but a baby of some visitors who I hold and play with ignoring all the adults and then return to his mommy when they leave is something and giving up on kids I invested 8 months of my life in is a whole different matter. On Saturday morning I felt so sick, not just because of the terrible food and fatigue of the day before but it was emotional too, I was whining on Fb and people thought I was seriously ill, nobody understood what I was going through, can’t blame though, I only blame myself, in a fit of disappointment I bought tons of chips and soda and chocolate, by far the biggest amount of junk I ever ventured to waste my money on and consumed it all!
I felt like a wreck afterwards of course but I decided it was worth it.

Now I think I was over reacting, I mean one of each could have done, no? :P

Anyway, I wrote the English graduation word for the smartest girl in class to say on the big day, she did a darn good job but you know what the irony is? Read:
“my friends and I are both happy and sad for it to end but live must go on!”
I wrote that, with my own hand, yet here I am :|

Gnut left Harry Bates on Earth in a state of grand shock, he sure got him speechless and although I won’t tell you why out of the fear of going River Song on you and brag “spoilers!” ruining a great story for you,


I will only say this: I feel for him, Bates, I honestly do.

I have said goodbye on Friday night, completely unprepared. My students got on the Tardis, waving their small hands at me, giggling and proud, the door shutting on them as the time machine disappeared leaving me standing there. Cut in mid sentence. 

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  1. Great that you received the Liebster from Tyrean. Congrats on that. The ups and downs of soccer are as difficult as life itself, it seems. :-) Stopping in from the AtoZ to say hi and hope to see you a lot in April!