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Leo Messi…The Magician: what he taught me

State of day. You don't want to know for how much days I was fighting with the internet to get this post published, trust me you don't.

2012 was a successful year for Lionel Messi beyond all measures, at the age of only 25 he has already cemented his feet on the moon the land of the genius. Messi scored 91 goals with his palls in Barca and Argentina, a performance that guaranteed him his fourth consecutive FIFA Ballon d’Or for best player. Guaranteed him also the official title of legend since no other footballer succeeded to pull this one out ever before.
And really guys it was fab, the whole thing was. I watched the majority of these goals and man what a journey it was. One of those games; against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions league he scored five times out of the seven goals of Barca. That was a night to remember.


This funny image was after he outnumbered Pelle’s 76 goals and was on his way to conquer the 40-year record of the German legend himself Gerd Muller
Me and the whole world were all waiting, it was happening, I could see it coming

Almost there new legend, almost there

O No, he fooled us all, it wasn’t the moon he wanted! he was aiming for the stars :)

And they just keep finding him a new record to break? Those people in the press got their work cut out for them don’t they? Ha ha ha, writing about this lad is a job on its own.

By the way: just yesterday Messi reached his 300 goals with Barca, AND his 301 too (at 25? you got to be kidding me), he was the reason Barca won on Granada 2:1, he also scored for 14 matches in the row in la lega, yet another new record….JUST saying ;)

The first time I heard of Lionel Andres Messi was in 2010, yup at the world cup. Yes you may say I was living inside a tent in the middle of the desert before. 
I love world cups, such excitement and hard work, just like the Olympics, the best thing ever happened on 2012 was that great tournament, I sat on my coach and watched so many sports and professional athletes, and how I loved the Marathon, I was there from beginning to end for both women and men, watching with awe as Tiki Gelana broke the Olympic record of my role model Naoko Takahashi, the record that stood there from Sydney 2000!
And TELL me about the men singles for table tense! who could ever predict that Wang Hao will take yet a THIRD silver Olympic medal? It was insane, Ah! I just love it when it ends with both players from China.
What brought us here again? I’m an Argentina national team fan, so of course I immediately became a Messi fan, especially that everyone was hyping about him, and he deserved it, Leo did tremendous job on the world cup, I’m only sorry he didn’t manage to score. And since I also fell in love with Spain’s artistic style of playing; Robobro informed me I can see most of the players along with Messi together in Barcelona, well needless to say I became Barca’s biggest fan.
It’s a nice story of how I fell for this great team. I used to cheer for the same teams before but only like the innocent kid who saw football years ago, now? It’s different, it is serious. And most importantly it came in a time when I'm finally capable of differentiating between a healthy love of a sport, and an obsession!
(Regardless of the fact that I was one of the first 2 millions who liked Messi’s personal page once it popped out on facebook. That was in the first hour, the day ended with Messi having.. what? More than 6 millions? I think, I no longer recall :P)

2009: missed it completely (Outrageous!) 2010: couldn’t  believe it, and neither could he:P 2011: take it with honor Messi. 2012: Yes! Yes! Oh YES!!! And by the by,  he's a great speaker, his speech in 2011 in particular I LovE.

As any professional athlete there’s a lot to learn from Lionel Messi’s career, and he is truly the best on the field right now, with his friendly attitude the power of innocence must captivate you, must win your respect.
I don’t believe there is an overnight success, before you see your hero shine he/she has done a huge amount of work, you only get to see the final product, just like making a book, the writer works on it perhaps for years, she seeks publication for God knows how, and when she does the book goes through other endless rounds of edits, publication actually takes from a year to more till you come to buy your now favorite book and say “Wow! She’s genius!”
You must know she broke her neck to earn this word fair and square my friend, AND so did Messi! we see him each game  performing flawlessly , but he gave so much to reach this level, watch this video to believe. 

Hard work pays, commitment, keeping the fire of passion alive, I mean isn’t it great to be able to make a living from your passion? Messi is one of few in the world who I can really say are living the dream.
And how to remain true to yourself, remain humble and real? each time he scores we see him thanking God and raising his hands to the sky, now most of the times he is sending love to his late grandmother, who always made his older brothers give the ball to him when he was too small to play them. We saw him exposing on his inner shirt ‘happy birthday mama’, and how he also dedicated a goal to a young handicap boy from Moroco, “Soufian”, doing the sign they both agreed on earlier.
 Messi with his sweet little friend Soufian

Children are pure, especially when they’re young…I’m most fulfilled when I make a child happy.

 something I really like about Messi he LOVES children, I mean lets face it the guy's a big kid :P

he’s the happiest now that he became a father. left: with Argentina team mate Aguero celebrating his new born Thiago’s first Argentina shirt
Even his charity organization is aimed at educating at-risk children.  

In this coming video you can see some of his magic last year, I love this one because it shows the joys and tough times; how he manages to keep the ball while on the ground and stands and continues, and slips from defenders, and sits in shock on the ground after wasting almost five chances in front of the net- that was funny- a big victories smile and how he finally takes the ball leaving the field after scoring a hat-trick (three goals in one match), yes, that is Messi.

But really, what he does is great. He’s a warrior…an artist? A warrior artist! His goals are like gun shots, no wonder he’s team mate Mascherano called him an assassin.  Does some stunts I used to think are impossible and scores from the most difficult places. Every year he has a goal among the most beautiful on the list of Fifa, please tell me you’ve seen the one against Arsenal in 2011 in the champions league? I still dream at night of this one.
Leo can play in multiple positions, and his individual talent for solving some strong defense walls troubles displayed by opponents on his own is unbelievable, and Ugh! He makes it all look so easy, I just keep yelling “OMG!” and he does that every time!!
And as rarely as it happens when he falls on the ground and seems like he’s seriously hurt the world stops spinning, everything goes in slow motion, the market crashes, huge meteors impact cities, volcanoes explode, supernatural creatures with devastating powers attack those who are left alive spreading havoc everywhere, for God sake someone must do something, the hero must be saved! The huge audience of his beloved field his second home Camp Nou all stand and with the millions behind screens all around the world, all repeat his name, his charm

‘Messi, Messi, Messi’

The hero is up on his feet again and the show goes on. In moments like these you know how much this one man is influential. Kids here in Sudan where Barcelona shirts with the name Messi on their back, they dream of following on his steps to fame, he gives them hope :)

I like to score goals, but I also like to be friends with the people I play with.
Like a normal human Messi can get really angry at the pitch, he receives yellow cards and argue with referees, but the truth must be told, this rarely happens, he rarely enters into fights , always keeps calm, doesn’t dive, he just falls down then jumps up on his feet running after the ball again, although all the aggressiveness he goes through from other teams defenders.
He stood in the line of fire with class for years as people- even his own people in Argentina- shred all his achievements to pieces, we are accustomed to hearing “Messi of Barclona is NOT the same Messi of Argentina” “Messi is nothing without Xavi & Iniesta” I was all like “People! It’s football, you need eleven players on the pitch for it to work! I can’t believe you actually consider that one man alone can make a difference!”, but Leo proved them all wrong, he answered with action.

How does he do that? Well other than who he is as a man and the way he was raised; Leo enjoys the game, he Loves playing football more than anything. When you focus on the things you love you wouldn’t be easily distracted, you see the good side of things, keep concentrating on the Big Plan, most importantly on living it. As someone who is easily distracted Leo humbles me. He keeps away from disputes and tabloids and thinks of what matters.
I honestly never seen a player who plays (full time) save few the games all year long, gets benched from year to year, and almost almost NEVER gets seriously injured, it’s remarkable, to be able to do this now that Fifa is killing players with a horrible amount of games and travel to all parts of the world, I think a wild Cheetah would have been exhausted, but not Leo Messi. I also need to say I’ve never seen a player smiling, literary while zigzagging his way to the other squad’s net. Talk about passion.

I’m more concerned about being a good person than being the best footballer in the world. Besides, in the end, when all this is over, what can you take with you?

My hope is that when I retire that I’m remembered as a good guy. … It’s good to be valued as a person, it’s important that they have good concept of who you are beyond being the guy that scores a lot of goals.

These are the words of a young wise man who synchronized the whole world’s heart beat with his, regardless of all fame, the spot light, the wealth (his own camera in each field he navigates!) Leo messi focuses on who he is as a human being. 

The coaches got changed twice for the Argentina squad since 2010 World Cup and Messi now is the captain, a good decision. I hope that in 2014 World Cup he becomes the Top scorer of the tournament, although I doubt it since he is more of a midfielder with his national team and there’s also Aguero and Higuain, yet again this is Messi we’re talking about ;)
Ha Ha, hear this: even when I’m hitting a brick wall in my running or writing and I’m totally vexed, I go like “MESSI YOUR KILLING ME!!!” and I run some more and write some more.

I can stay and rant here forever but no matter what effort I put into it words will remain weak, so I love to end by saying “Football taught me so much in real life, and so did Lionel Messi who is with no doubt bigger than the game itself”.

The Other Side Of Down. I went with my mother to a small party in the neighborhood last week. I’m happy I did this because, well social anxiety is hard.
I also did some decorating to my very small writing place, it’s pretty cool and different now. Not yet finished but it will do for now.
I joined The Healthy Writers Clup, created by the lovely Shallee McArthur. I’m really excited about it and I hope it will be a motivation enough to stop using my long painful injury as an excuse for laziness and get back to working out.

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