Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Other Side Of Down (1): Jan what have you Done?

State of day. Wohohoh my boys scored 6 goals against Getafe in la liga and it was epic! Not that they haven’t spoil us with such big gifts before, I’m quite used to it by now, but still it was phenomenal to watch, like any other Barca game ;)

Well January is gone and hello February, and I’m feeling stressed already which is NOT good, but Alhamdulillah (thank you Allah) for everything. I know, I know I promised you guys two Barca posts and I will deliver but a lot has been going on lately so I decided to make this post a list of last month’s achievements, and here it goes; 

1- I had a dream about Frodo! Lucky me ;) yes there was a prince and I had two sisters (like in reality) but one of them was Raw’a Al Sa’di a beautiful Syrian actress, the other was some blond I have no idea who and our mother wanted us to try and make the prince fall for one of us, and have I mentioned I was Elizabeth Bennet?!

Yes I forgot all about the prince once I saw Fordo, BUT what matters is when I woke up I understood the dream, it wasn’t about Frodo but Mark, my protagonist of Nights.
I said at my previous post I’ve reached a very critical area in my novel and it’s weighing so much on me, I’m breathing, eating and living the novel, and all the sorrows and flipping moods Mark is going through have left their mark on me, after all, these are my sorrows too and I’m loving the whole experience.

2- This last January has been very successful for me, the truth must be told I don’t recall ever writing so much in one month on two separate projects in my entire life. I’m so happy, I’ve been really committed, not FULLY committed- you know not a marathon professional runner kind of commitment- but for someone who prefers “being written” I rocked! I’ve been pushing myself to finish that scene/chapter, etc, going all ‘you can do it girl!’ on myself, Which leads to point 3

(This reminds me how in April of 2002 I was engrossed in a postapocaliptic novel called “Disaster’s day” -I never finished it. But man o man how I did some great job on that book.)
3- I managed to finish a short story, late with two days into February but hay who cares? I did it! And what’s interesting is that I started this story with the intention of writing a soft Sci-Fi with only one futuristic aspect. I ended up writing an alternative reality, Sci-Fi ish story with a hint of fantasy, if it makes any sense. See what I mean when I say I like mixing genres?

Yes I’m all burned out now but not for my WIP thank God! Only for the upcoming editing process and the continuation of yet another project on my short fiction list.
I think I’ll read me some good fantasy & Sci-Fi short stories to give myself a good boost.

4- A very good friend of mine traveled to Dubai for work, and it was a teary farewell at her house, it was also cool because it’s been a while since the Original Four (me and my friends) were all in one room. Anyway, we will probably won’t be seeing her till next year so…I wish you all the luck and happiness and I already miss you my dear friend.

5- Do I have to say I also started this blog on January? AND scored comments from two of my favorite bloggers Aisha Amin & Ikhlas Hussain. Which adds to my success, hehehe 

I think the last point was only to prolong my list. Shame! Shame!
Hope February is as successful too for me and for you :)


  1. Ha ha, I love your dream! That's hilarious. I love that you have a crush on Frodo.

    Good luck with the writing! Genre-bending is fun. :)

    1. Hi Shallee! glad you came by, Yea! it was a cute kinda dream, but near the end it went a little dark, you know like black comedy (shudder!)well I guess I was too aloud about the Frodo crush thing (Darn!)he's mine do you here me? MINE!!!
      And thank you, yes genre-bending is fun, it's also the way my brain functions no matter how hard I try to stick to one thing I end up jumping all around the spectrum, but I like it. Thanks for the comment and the best of luck with your writing too :D

  2. Woohoo, you had a great month! Here's hoping March is equally successful for your writing and other stuff in live, inshAllah :)