Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Aboudi

The twenty seven of February was the birthday of a very favorite person of mine (and the whole family actually), my very young nephew Abdelrahman who goes with the nickname Aboudi has reached his first year of life, he’s in the UAS so we couldn’t through him a party, instead I wrote him a poem, just for his royal highness ;) this little Mr. Cute has brought so much joy to the hearts of all the family, I hope you too can also see why

isn’t he the cutest thing ever?!

Vive!!  Aboudi the King!
He was born in the city of liberty
And raised in Far Far Away
Studied in the school of wizardry
Lord of the Enchanted forest
Dwelling happily in the Crystal Palace

Vive! Aboudi the King!
His father gave him a Pegasus
His mother the Elder wand
So he can summon a magical sword
And slay the evil dragons
He is the savior of his land
The Man of the people

Vive! Aboudi the King!
The smart, the valiant, the winsome
The sweet, the kind, the handsome
The curious, cute and whimsical
So lovely and adorable
The wonderful wizard of Oz
The king of Wonderland
Our wonderland

Vive! Aboudi the King!
It has been a while and I’m missing you
I, Your loyal citizen
Your royalist forever
wish your highness
A Magnificent legendary life

May Allah grant you all the happiness a man would want

Happy Birthday


  1. Aww what an awesome poem, Haneen! And what a cutie pie your nephew is, mashAllah! I love babies too :)

  2. Yea I know you do hehe thanks your awesome, and isn't he cute? trust me Aboudi is as lovely as he looks ;)