Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 for Promises & Upcoming Fun Stuff

Status. It was a shock what happened in the Boston Marathon. Marathons are great races, people challenge their selves to the max as they cross it, it’s a great invention and worthy of respect, and for this wonderful activity to become a target of bombers and such lunacy it sadness me very much.
Greetings everyone

Today I’m passing by to inform you of my coming posts because well that will turn it into a promise and then I’ll be obliged to bring it on (is this expression right here? I have no idea).

Well guys the truth is I’m the worst when it comes to consistency, my focus is that of a newborn and I suck at keeping promises, unfortunately this is how my brain functions which also sucks, but I’m still learning to act like normal people do in baby steps that is (Yohoo! remember Flexibility? My 2013 theme), it’s either go slow on myself or I will fall in flames to rock bottom, and honestly been there done that a million times so Nop! Thanks, not interested, I refuse to visit that pleasant place again.
Now that I got that out of my system it’s time for the fun stuff:
1- first to all my writing/reading friends I promise I will shut down completely about any FC Barcelona matters (facebook not included) till after the second leg match in the Champions league with Bayern Munich, meanwhile I will be going all Hobbity Bilbo-Bagginsy on you and spread the love of that great book and those wonderful little creatures, and these are the posts I have on mind:
a) A book review.
b) Bilbo Baggins.
c) Thorin Oakenshield.
d) my own drawing of Bilbo Baggins. I think it’s about time I show you guys some of my art work, I just hope I’m as good as I was because it’s been while since I did a serious drawing, I also fear some scan issues to slow up the process but I’ll keep an optimistic smile.

2- For my FC Barcelona loving friends no fears I have a lot in store for you, my coming post-other than on the games of course no matter what the result of this semi final may be- are all fun and also will appeal to my Writing audience…yup it’s that same post I talked about in January (see what I mean about keeping promises and newborn focus?) it’s just that this particular post turned out to be trickier than I thought, but now that I’m offering it on the table again it must be, and by the way it’s far too long and includes many photos so I will probably cut it to two or three posts, the more the merrier right? :)

3- I also mentioned I will be finishing Tolkien’s trilogy in April too, well it looks like that’s not going to happen but no troubles I just want to be done with all The Hobbit stuff then there will be even more Ring matters to talk about . And of course my Frodo :”)

4- I want to add a new page to my Blog…that’s a secrete and you will see it when the Bilbo post comes. hmm what? Yes! I’m aiming at teasing you here so Ha!

5- Okay :) away from Rings and football I’m thinking of a post about three of my favorite Blogs and bloggers. And a “what my characters has done to me” kindda thing :)

Well that’s all for today and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week in peace and getting busy doing silly if productive projects whatever they are :)

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