Monday, April 8, 2013

For the love of Writing

State of day. It’s official, I’m back to working on the pesky MA research again, God save me.

Also, I decided to start the J.R.R. Tolkien books on my month April :) what better time will there be? Although I’m afraid the whole Frodo business leaving Middle Earth will ruin my appetite for almost everything, but there’s no way around it, I need to read the series, I mean how can I consider myself a fan when I’m still clueless about the books?

Ugh! scratch all that, I need to know everything about my Hobbit.. sue me!
Hi there everyone! Missed you a lot.

So I want. to write something pretty for a change, you see till this day I think my strongest post is my first one, everything else I wrote seem pale compared to it, that’s why I’m trying something different today.

What if. I stood under an elegant white tree with red and pink leaves? What if they fell on a skateboard of wend and flew around me glowing like falling pieces of fire! I would blink my massacred lashes with owe, an extra cover of Eastern warmth encapsulates my dark brown eyes, my plain blue dress spreads everywhere, becoming taller & larger, and white ribbons and flowers take its place on its ends like that of a Princess’s from a story book. I spread my arms and move them from one side to the other, smiling to the birds believing they sing for me, I dance around the tree, to the serene music of nature as the world shines in different degrees of colors, from a classic painting, to a computer-animated film  in its theme song so pure, flawless and stunning? What if?

 I wake from my dream to his tall figure,
-yes sailor?
-you are needed in the board room.
-you lead I follow.
He goes ahead, I stand up from under a large evergreen tree, my sight reaches to the far horizon, I’m surrounded by an open land of spectacular nature, the sun shines on my navy blue suit as I step from the shade, I put my hat on, adjust my sword. Meditation hours are over I decide as I walk towards the grand old castle up Hill looking down with pride at the vast ocean ‘it’s time for work.’

Ah yes, fantasy. The world of imagination never seizes to fascinate me, I have always lived in a dream land. 

Every time I’m faced with my flaws, my weaknesses and fears the aching of my heart, a hurricane the size of Earth attacking my brain, roaring inside my head, but even when I’m happy, filled with childish joy and crazy glamorous thoughts, I transit to imagination, to a world filled with all the interesting people, and where cool stuff take place on daily basis and I get to part-take. But mostly I love imagination because over there potentials are never limited. 

About three weeks ago I had an interesting dream, I was on the roof of a crumbling building with my family, and yes we surprisingly all escaped the disaster in one piece.
CUT next scene, ACTION! (What? This is how dreams work isn't it?)
Now we’re safely living in a fancy hotel some blocks away but curios me wanted to see what have become of our previous home (cause ya know I didn’t have the chance to), to make a long story short, I went down to find all chaos was let loose in the street, like a revolution or something big is going on, people were running everywhere, fighting and screaming, fire and blood were under the bright sunny sky, yet I walked with a determination I have never known. I realized I had suffered from the accident because there were people throwing dynamite to open holes in the street for unknown reason, and the booming sound made me act crazy and hysterical (you are supposed to make it short! O sorry) When I finally reached my destination I found yet another hotel was build there (go figure), but it was huge and wonderful, I raised my arms in awe saying with great happiness to a women beside me:
‘If this palace is what took the place of our building then it wasn’t for nothing, I’m so happy.’ To me it was the phoenix rising from under the ruins.
Now, regardless of whatever that dream meant (because my dreams always have a meaning – a part of my psychic powers) I woke up thinking that I will give everything to feel the courage I had as I walked that dangerous street. And this courage is what I find in the world of imagination. Writing makes me happy, it is when I’m most honest, transparent, focused and brave.

I’m here not to live once, but to live a hundred lives, in a hundred worlds spread all around the universe and time span, meet the marvelous of folk, and understand their motives and actions, and experience all the feelings I can. To to fall in love for so many times my heart cannot stand.
And while I’m at it I want to summon the healing wend of Aerith and clear away the darkness, shadow and shade from my heart, my soul and head, soon it will be knocking at my door again but I no longer want to count the bright beautiful days, I will be counting the dark times, braking the vicious cycles to reborn once again the best version of myself in this lifetime may Allah help me. 
Ladies and gentlemen…I love writing.

Thank you.

TOSOD. I’m still in the first chapters of The Hobbit but hear this; for years since the first time I saw the Tow Towers movie (it’s the first I saw of the trilogy by the way) I laughed my heart out on the–not supposed to be funny- Eomer‘s ‘what business?’ question to the trio in the lands of Rohan. I just realized that there’s an even way hilarious line in the Hobbit
‘what about a little light?’ said Bilbo
‘We like the dark’ said the dwarves ‘Dark for dark business!’
OMG! That is the best line ever and it’s mine to take and keep and say whenever electricity goes off, or even any other darkish hour for that matter. From Ron Weasley I quote ‘Wickeeeeeeeed!’
There’s also the urge that calls me to write whenever I’m reading a good book, and seeing through the small bits and pieces that made Bilbo & Frodo relatives, and I’m LoV.InG.iT!
Ah ‘The Hobbit’! Where were you all my life?

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