Friday, June 7, 2013

HWC: My perfect first breakfast cause I’m a Hobbit like that, and what does it have to do with Transportation in Khartoum

Ladies & gentlemen; I’m a night owl (or one of my Mark’s loyal bats, just whatever you choose to call me) and as much as I tried to get rid of this bad habit I failed, there are various reasons for this spreading from iron deficiency to the constant stress.
This of course means I lack energy, especially in the morning, and once I have breakfast,  I feel all drowsy and want nothing but to hit the bed. I hate that, I hate it so much I used in the past to drink a whole pot of chi and tolerate the agony of a coffee thermos just to get myself through the day without having to experience the embarrassment steaming from knocking my head on the first surface I find and pass out!

The truth about me is that I’m not a day sleeper, really, on my best days I never sleep while the sun is still up. When I decided to change my life and fix myself on 2011 I could once again see the true me rising to the surface.
So what went wrong you ask? Well like all folks on this green Earth I have good days and not very-pleasing-events-happening on other days, and at this stage of my life I’m not really on the safe side of the street anymore, with my refusing to heal injury I have turned into a lazy always-in-pain slug. So while struggling to find a good training routine that does not add to my suffering I need a breakfast that saves me from the passing out sessions, people I need energy!!
And on my quest for finding the perfect breakfast (or 1st breakfast to be exact cause sometimes we have a late 2nd breakfast in our house, and I hear you hobbits applauding “Thank you! Thank you!”) I reached some results:
1- Fried eggs sandwich (with tomatoes and/or lutes). Horrible! makes me drowsy.
2- A moderate mug of milk (I have it mixed with some tea, what’s the word in English?) and jam sandwiches. BAD! Again I want to blackout.
2- One or two bananas and a cucumber, and sometimes a glass of milk too (this was on my running days) good for me.
3- A big mug of milk (& tea) and bread. Not bad, I need to only eat a half bread though cause I get stuffed.
4- A mug of milk (and tea) and some dates. Perfect! I’m fully awaken, and even better; I never feel swollen and hunger strikes me after a decent amount of hours.
5- A big mug of milk (& tea) with acrushed garlic (only for one month, stop for a month, then repeat if you want), not so tasty but it gives me good energy during the day so it’s good for me too.
6- Green tea….nausea and a terrible headache, i.e. NO WAY!
7- A mug of milk with biscuits or cakes…I get really greedy and stuff myself so bad I can’t walk….HORRIBLE CHOICE!!!!
Well I’m thin, and I have always been, but lately for the first time in my life I gained some pounds, just a few that only I could recognize actually, but what bothers me is the change in the size of my waist, again I’m the only one to notice it but it’s still a problem, and since I can’t run all these annoying (repeat: only noticed by me) extra pounds away I really need to put myself on a healthy diet.

It’s quite hard for me to stay still, I’m a fierce walker, seriously I LOVE walking, I get down on an earlier bus station only to walk the rest of my way home, and walking through my neighborhood is a joy to me. I even walk under a burning sun, which is basically the case all year long in Khartoum, but don’t do that unless you've managed to successfully steal  yourself some super suit with the help of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy that prevents from being baked…and hit by a sun stroke, all the same! But you get what I mean.

Which leads to this: I honestly don’t understand why people insist on riding every vehicle they can find, or not find for that matter? Khartoum transportation is the worst! we already waist all day either waiting for or riding on slow, hard-to-find and horrible looking buses, I’m not even going to mention the other things on wheels that I have no words for in English. So instead of just standing there for half an hour or more, then struggle to find a seat in a mini battle with other potential passengers, I prefer walking to other stations, it’s a good exercise and let’s face it  saves the money, prices of everything are increasing like fire here and on daily basis.
As for running talk about endorphins and adrenalin. Ah! Running is wonderful; it works like magic for my physical problems and my monthly depression cycles , so when I had to stop those activities because of the injury my life took a bad turn.
But this has to change. It MUST change. And it WILL.
I can start with a good breakfast :) 

Well! that’s all folks! See you soon.
Your Sincere Captain

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