Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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I think. my protagonist Mark is whinny. No scratch that he IS whinny. I’m still struggling with the first draft but I cannot ignore the feeling that this is a setback. I really fear that readers will hate him for that. Besides I hate whinny characters, Go figure!
In my head I see him perfectly, how he speaks, moves, fights, laughs I can almost feel him, but when it comes to application words delude me, on paper he’s an annoying little brat! (Ugh! It hurts me deeply to say that, forgive me Mark, please forgive me :(

Ok snap out of it!

Mark is the only son of his family, he’s rich, hard headed and spoiled and sometimes awfully rude!
He has a quite complicated relationship with his parents and because of that he possess this tendency to hurt those who are close to him, who genuinely care for him.  I need to tune his rudeness down a bet though, after all -vampire or not- he is still a gentile(vamp) in the nineteenth century, he can’t be walking around bashing whatever he dislikes and shooting bad words on people, women included. Or can he? 
Actually putting all that aside, when he’s not in one of his aggressive moods Mark can be lavishly charming,  I know he’s my character but this is how I imagined him from the start, and this the outcome I’m doing my best to display accurately (did I actually said that boring line?!)

I’m also still trying to grasp his voice, even though he is the easiest among all my other characters, and I sure got meself a plethora of points of view in this book. yea right, as if I needed to make it more complicated (but please; did I just wrote meself & plethora? what is wrong with me?)

Well I guess all these issues are a work for the second draft (or whatever number it may take), right now the priority is for finishing the book.


So I’m torn. there are some Big things roaming in the sky of my life right now and I need to deal with it, and because of that I don’t know; should I complete editing my finished short story or complete another one or do both? Because I’m a multifunctional who tends to crowd herself with work then end up completing nothing. And frankly I can’t stand that anymore about myself.
So if I continue my editing there is a threat I will simply procrastinate for months,
and if I embark on the second story without editing this one?…I think this will be good because then I will be ready to edit the first story and have time to set the second aside.
The problem is; I want to start submitting my stories, and I need to find beta readers.
Doing both however will only show with great force what a speedy turtle I am when it comes to completing a task, again it will take me forever.
Hmm, I need to work this thing out quickly, I’m sooo way behind my schedule.


On a very different subject; you know…one big mug of hot milk with one chopped garlic clove is really having it’s affect on me, I’m more alert during the day and my digestion has improved. 
I’m supposed to drink it the first thing in the morning for a month, it is said to give you strength especially in your muscles. I’m on my tenth day now.
I know it sounds repulsive (I’m in a state of despair I’ll try copra poison if I heard it will help, if I could find it first that is) BUT ..but it’s not that bad, I also add a touch of cinnamon to it and that I Love ;)
Right now I’m really more energetic and it makes me a happier person. I’ll tell you more about it when the experiment is done :)

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