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What can a photo illuminate in a story: Or what happens when FC Barcelona Trio cross the portal to an alternative world? Part (2)

State of day. 
Hard luck for Spain, 3:0 is a bit harsh defeat but it was Brazil's year, and they were playing on their land anyway. And so ends the Confederation Cup, next stop World Cup 2014 :)

Midyear is always a time of stress and struggling for me, just like writing a novel, the beginning is exhilarating and all sunshine and butterflies, the end is a sweet sorrow, while the middle? Is a pool filled with sea-snakes producing killing electric volts, octopuses that spray a horrible black ink and God forsaken Piranha fish, and I’m thrown right into it trying simply to survive and get the hell out of it, but it takes all the energy in the world.

It’s pretty much getting hectic in Sudan, God only knows where are we heading!!!

Been watching too much BBC SHERLOCK for my own good (the last episode in season two, Ah! my eyes are still puffed), I'm obsessing about anything Sherlockology actually. Behave Haneen. Behave. O! You know what? I'll just say it; Sherlock, Dr. Watson and of course Moriarty are driving me to the edge, DAMN you MEN! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

Ramadan is only few days away  :) (Thank God, it's about time)  Wow! It’s a year already?

Salam everyone and Hola a todos :)

It’s your Part 2 of this series, so the trick is showing how photos can have a big role in providing our sad delusional writer with great ideas that aids him in writing his new book.
As I stated before, choosing an actor for your character is an advantage since you will probably find a stash of pics of this person that could help you mold your character, but athletes are a great choice too, so if your looking for a male character football players, in particular, are a good place to start, these guys get photographed almost every three days on pitch let alone off it, and the famous the player the better,  hence I decided that the Barca Trio; Messi, Xavi & Iniesta are the best choice for this exercise.
Now let’s get back to our novice writer who already thinks he’s found the magic spell for a bestseller! Today he'll be doing some character background and a tiny bet of world building.

Your inside your room now staring at your laptop with wide enthusiastic eyes, you’ve already opened a new file for your brand new novel,
“I’ll enlarge on the background of my three main characters and see what I will come up with”


Hero  is… your typical hero, the man of the people, he comes from a small village,  & travels to the capitol seeking a bigger life, a life that suits his great talents. Raised in a strict and moral environment, Hero has a high sense of justice, he's very kind, and always true to his roots. Shy when it comes to his needs yet very loud when talking for his people, he despises the discrimination between the levels in society, and he sees his mission in life is to give back to the simple and lovable community he grew up in, the only place he calls home.
and because of his extraordinary fighting talent he joins the Knights of the red & blue ribbon (or the R&B...I know what's your thinking but it wasn't planed). And shortly becomes the Leader of the combat group. 

everyone loves him, people are charmed by whatever he has to say or do. And to him falling down is not an option, determined and hard working Hero does everything in his power to fulfill his role, which leads us to;
His internal conflict. some times in order to aid his people he might go to the extremes, he lives under a pressure and a strong feeling of guilt that if he falls from the 1st place it will not be his loss alone but a disgrace to all who rely on him, and he can’t sacrifice all this love, nor can he allow a noble to surpass him, all this threatens to turn him into a stubborn, neurotic and even a cruel person. And there is something else, no matter how hard he tries to deny it, he’s suffering from a dilemma; that he no longer knows where he belongs, in the castle, the new life of fame, wealth and unlimited potentials?  or in the small, quiet village?

This kind of life makes it so hard for him to be happy, no worse, he’s not even entitled to be happy.


King is The King himself!
Since the day he was born he found everything he wished for before asking. Yet he insists on proving himself, on showing his true worth, good at everything he does, he’s always the number one. Not only does he rules over The Land of Pavilions, he’s also The master & commander of the Knights of the R & B Ribbon.
King is generous, brave and wise. He loves his family and can tell you the full history of his ancestors of monarchs.

He loves his people but believes that things should be treated with logic, unlike his late father he shows no emotions, which gives people the false impression that  he’s cold.. 

His internal conflict. He’s lost between the old ways and the modern ways of ruling and whether a king should be loved or feared! in front of his men he acts like the tough guy but only those who are close to him can see the fire demanding release behind his dark eyes. This conflict makes going to bed a tiring business, knowing it will be a long night accompanied with anxious thoughts and a heart ache. He can’t trust anyone on his thoughts, he’s alone in this.
And whether he admits it or not, and regardless of the fact that he is the ultimate leader….he still finds Hero an annoying rival. 

 I mean seriously, who does this village boy thinks he is anyway?

Loyal Friend

Our third MC is the sweet and good knight, the best friend of both, Hero as a fellow Knight

and King a childhood friend.

Loyal Friend is the only Knight of noble decent who walks freely among ordinary people, the only one who attends to the needs of his soldiers, the one who jumps in to end the struggles and doesn’t punish bad behavior towards himself. He never liked the way nobles treated locals as a lower race, he believes the role of noble Knights is great in sustaining the balance and that they must all do what they can for the people.

Now because he falls in the middle of many brothers and sisters, he got lost in translation, never his father’s favorite. Each day he tries hard to prove to his old man that he is worthy of his attention, and managed with his amazing strategic talents to become the third best knight in the country.

His internal conflict lays in the fact that he wants to please everyone, strives to be recognized, but somehow he always ends up in the middle! And his friends aren’t helping, between their growing war in which each tries to pull him into his side while he tries so hard to make them reach an agreement, there’s also the problem that they don’t seem to understand him, King argues “Loyal! I don’t know why you keep acting like a weak kid?” and Hero is confused “You know Loyal I really don’t get you! You’re a noble yet you act like a local, don’t you understand that no matter what you do you will never be one of us?” it drives him crazy and he is darn sick of it.
Tired of being pushed around he wants to live his life as he pleases but his greatest fear is to be hated by others, it’s an impossible task to achieve. And while watching his friends make their own legend he stands there alone…stuck…and isolated.

"good, good, excellent" you congratulate yourself, nice work, but your not quite done yet, some more information won't hurt, so you write:
 The world of the story is the merry evergreen  "Land of Pavilions", 

and our three knights are a part of the highest group in the army, the special forces that is, The B & R Ribbon.

Different trophies stand for different symbols & powers in our story.
Your happy now, you decide to go grab yourself a snack, some food is essential before embarking on the dangerous act of writing a novel, no?

And remember I’m only going where the photos lead me here, I don’t have any kind of outline for this thing, going with the flow as they say :) so if it ended up a tragedy or anything ridiculous it’s not my problem, who told you to read anyway?

Haha okay, see you soon with the third post and finally the story. 

The Other Side Of Down:
long time didn’t write in this area, which proves my struggling, anyway;
1- I finished reading the Holy Qur’an before Ramadan. Alhamdulillah :)
2- I did memories two Arabic poems, both by the Sudanese poet Muhammad Al Fayturi.
3- And I’m back on my Spanish self-teaching Fridays. 
So well done me :) 

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  1. I love the BBC Sherlock it's so wonderful! I can't wait for the next season. And I wish the seasons were way longer! oh well :)