Friday, July 19, 2013



Salam my lovely friends :)

Just passing by to tell you what’s going on in my life right now;
I finally started “The Fellowship of The Ring”, I just finished chapter 3 yesterday and I can’t believe that until now Frodo is still trying to get out of the Shire! who knew it was that big? And once again I came to the same conclusion, the Shire is a tiring place to live in. Those Hobbits are really nosy.
But the book is very different than “The Hobbit” it took me pages to get a fine laugh, while The Hobbit was very amusing and funny from the beginning. Of course I knew that this one will be more serious but not that serious, and sad. The book is filling me with a dark feeling that is quite uncomfortable and I’m already crying and we haven’t gotten to the strong places yet. The sweet sorrow is at work from the beginning this time not the end.Oh My!

And by the way, every time I start my Bilbo drawing I end up hating it and deserting it. I can’t exactly put my finger on the problem but I guess it’s because it’s been a long time since I draw anything, I need more time to adjust and practice, I just lost my patience and self confidence. Hmm!

My WIP is not going very well, although five chapters left I can’t seem to be able to finish it, and it’s bad for my schedule since I’m supposed to be starting my second WIP right now. I don’t understand, I know things are rather foggy but why do I have the feeling that it’s my subconscious playing some trick on me so I just continue stumbling in the world of this book? Not a good idea considering that I’m not pretty much in love with the story right now.

My new WIP? It’s surprisingly a standalone (or at least that’s how it looks right now) I can’t wait to begin writing it, it’s fun, refreshing and filled with strong girls, and charming men and FIGHTING! It’s a fantasy one, and I’m really optimistic about it, it’s quite different than any other thing I’ve written before. I made me a nice outline, and written some scenes and character backgrounds. Preparations are going swiftly, I just hope I don’t get stuck on it for a long time, you know; writer's block & co (who I’m I fooling?) because I still need yet another book for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck.

I’m not really a productive person these days, yes it is my midyear syndrome but I’m also -as usual- going through an anemia phase,  it’s beginning to wear off with medication and all but pretty slowly, well I guess you can’t be that productive while your dizzy and extremely tired all day long AND night. Right?

On a more positive note, this year’s Khawater (a famous arab youth program on MBC that airs on Ramadan) is pretty good, as always, Ahmad Shugairi is doing some serious comparisons on season nine of his show between the Arab countries and other countries that surprisingly some of them are not first world, interesting, like comparing between  Brazil today and Yemen in the past concerning coffee planting and exporting.

and haha Jo did it for real this time and published a new novel with a pseudonym and managed to fool the world, although for a pretty short time :)  I loved the process the The Sunday Times journalist took to prove that "The Cuckoo's Calling" -a mystery published on April of this year- was actually written by the Harry Potter creator herself, computational linguistics precisely haha. I do believe she will be good at mysteries, considering Harry and all, and with the raving reviews the book received even before it was outed I believe she nailed it this time, so Go Jo :) 

Productive Ramadan to all my fellow Muslims and see you soon ;)


  1. Good luck with the writing! It's hard to get stuck on things. I hope your new WIP is lots of fun!

    1. Thanks :) I'm sure my new WIP is going to be loads of fun to write, but I'm pretty sure I'll get stuck in it two, O well, who said writing is easy? Good luck with your new project too.

  2. Found you through a May 2013 post by David Powers King. Your site was so fun I immediately added you to my blogroll. You made the top fifty so congrats. Ahem, anyway. Jo tried to expand and did well. Best of luck with your WIPs and if you're stuck on the first take a break and get on with the second. Don't let laziness take hold. It's a real trickster. Makes you think you're 'resting your eyes'.

    1. fun?!!! AND someone has actually added it on her blogroll?
      well needless to say I'm humbled to a speechless degree, or not, the not speaking I mean, I'm still talking, er, writing, Ah who cares? Sheena-kay thank you for making my day, so nice of you :")and I have been on your blog before, (through J.A. Bennett's)I jump every now and then to see what's new and you got something going on over there :) DPK's site is awesome :D Thanks for your good wishes, I'm really excited about my new WIP, I do believe it will definitely take less than FOUR YEARS like my first one.hehe

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