Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Classic, The Villain and The Beacon of Light

Hello People!

Richard Armitage & Daniela Denby-Ashe in BBC 2004 North & South
The Classic. Early this August I took a break from The Fellow Ship Of The Ring (yes imagine I still did not finish it) and dived into Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, (I stumbled over it while searching in a website specializing in classics of literature) I finished it in 3 days and I normally take 4 days (on a row) with big English books, but this book, Ah! Mr. Thornton! Margret Hale! What wonderful characters, I simply loved everyone in this book, old but how modern and beautiful and thought provoking and funny and heart breaking and gloomy and optimistic, Aaaa! It’s a great book.
If you still did not touch it, or like me did not hear of it before in your life thou tells thee go ahead, yes it is said that North and South is Pride & Prejudice meets the industrial revolution but I say it’s much more than that, and Mr. Thornton is more brooding than Mr. Darcy how cool is that? I always wanted to know more about the north of England and this book is made to make you see the difference between the north & south in bright colors AND you won't stop quoting. By the way, I jumped and saw the BBC miniseries first, and needless to say, Brilliant.

The Villain. I think Khan in Star Trek into Darkness is a high-quality villain, a true display of how the bad guy should be written (note to writer-self). Yes viscous and terrible but still sympathetic and a one to root for, you just can’t hate him, well completely at least, since he sneaks upon you from the family & loved ones door, where anything seems logical in order to save them. He has this great ability to convince you, holds himself perfectly and never wavers, he knows exactly what both himself and you are capable of and works according to it, he talks like no one, looks like no one, unpredictable to a shocking degree sometimes and easily quotable, again Brilliant.
Of course when you combine good writing with perfect acting this is what you get. Like Duh!
Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan

Now that I found myself a set of enjoyable characters to add to my list, time for a little illumination, if you know what I mean :P

Guys! I had no idea that Robert Louis Stevenson’s family were a family of lighthouse builders ! So Not FAIR! (ehem) The Stevenson’s built 97 lighthouses along the Scottish coastline and other places, remarkable!
This here is Calf of Man, Lower Lighthouse built by a Robert Stevenson in 1818. I like it, it isn't used anymore, but it looks like a nice place to hang out when your board out of your skull! which happens to me. A lot.

Now look at those lighthouses from around the world and tell me what you think, cause I sure will tell you,
talk about getting me Dizzy man!
Yum Yum! Mommy let me eat this giant candy :D
That's just elegant, superb work.

Now that is how a lighthouse should always look like.
Svjetionik Split, lukobran, glava, Croatia
I love the color, and it looks like a minaret in a mosque, Gorges!

O Mama can we go to the circus? 
Talk about creativity :)
 I'm one of my kind and I know it, o yea. O yea

Now how about this one;

that’s not a lighthouse that’s a mill.
O…um..sorry, I couldn’t help not putting it, I like mills too.
Some Captain you are
Gosh! your such a grumpy.

A little castle with it's very own lighthouse, at least that's how I see it, and I love it :D
Castle Hill Lighthouse Newport, Rhode Island
 Shorty here just stole my heart.
Lighthouse at Vlissingen , The Netherlands
Shorty here is turning it into a love triangle! 
Boys, boys give me a break.

Haneen you idiot that’s another MILL!!!!
Hey! Ok, ok I got it, chill will ya!
Ahoy There!
Norway Clocktower Lighthouse
I'm a clock, a lighthouse and I have a vane on my head, talk about identity issues! 
 hahaha, I love it, so cute & a good uses of space.
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The tallest lighthouses in the world. Perrys victory and peace memorial. 107m.
1915 Put in Bay, Ohio USA. 
Ugh! I'm feeling sick already :<
Lighthouse La Cruz

 I wanna go there, so eatheral and out of this world! and again it looks like a mosque minaret.

WOOOO Mama! I want that Candy! It's MINE MUahahahahahah!
Fuse a rainbow with a lighthouse and you get the treasures of both leprechauns and pirates, 
Ta Da!
You Are Officially Ritch Girl!

Al right I believe that was a little bet tooooo much enlightenment to our lives, I'm blind by now, but if you need more light by all means hit Pinterest there are ONE & TWO lighthouse boards I simply adore, go see.

Something Else.  So I finally saw The Hobbit the desolation of Smaug’s trailer and wow! But I’ll tell you about what I think of it later, gotta go, Tired right now, wanna sleeee  zzzzzzzz
Hah! What happened? God!
You know what? I’ll just leave you with a small reminder, see ya.


  1. Those lighthouses were amazing. My two faves are the spiral one (though it would be a real chore to climb) and that beautiful small red one from The Netherlands. Now that is a real snickers Ad, loved it. Watched North and South mini-series when
    I was younger, move over Mr. Darcy most definitely.

    1. Hi Sheena! always happy to have you hear :)Oh it would be a chore indeed! that spiral lighthouse, I don't know, I'm in two minds about it. But the small red shorty is definitely a favorite of mine. Glad you found my towers amazing, mark my words one day I'll be living in a castle and I will have my very own lighthouse Muahahaha.
      The snickers Ad made my day when I first saw it, but wait for my next post you will be pleasantly surprised hehehe. Well I hate to admit but dear Mr. Darcy should really move over :D