Sunday, August 4, 2013

Taxi! Follow those boys

State of Day. The weather have turned -finally- and rain pored for two days, today has been windy with a mild sun (Alhamdulillah). Hehehe in Khartoum this weather is worth celebrating.
But I also heard that some poor families on a far side of the city lost their houses to the strong rain. Not very good news :( but hearts are kind in our country we help as much as we can :)

Barca till now played how much friendlies preseason, Three, four? I don’t know cause I missed them all, can’t really focus on football right now, I’m still in the rollercoaster of mid year, besides I prefer getting on board when la lega and Copa del Rey starts, then the new coach will be ready and hopefully a headache called transfers will be OVER (a girl can wish).
I also heard that Gareth Bale might be playing on Spanish soil this season, How joy!
Salam fellow artists running after that elusive inspiration spark :)
I believe by now my struggle with my WIP has been made public (is the syntax right?), there are almost 4.5 chapters left and my progression is slower than a one hundred year old snail. I outlined backwards attaching a comment to every Chapter left adding the focal points. Did it give me a push enough to do the work? NO.
And more than once I asked myself “why not jump to the interesting parts then fill in the gabs later?” it’s a favorite move of mine and it helped before, but now my brain refused it completely, “We are near the end, No way I’ll let you get away with leaving any part of the story for LATER!”. And of course I can just leave the manuscript for a few days (weeks) then come back again to find everything solved. “Nop, lovely one, that won’t work either” my brain smirked, and he’s right :( you see I don’t have the luxury of time anymore whether for freeing the rest of August to work on my research or mending my very tired and broken self-respect after braking so many deadlines, I have to finish this four-years-and -a half project once and for all.
after spending a significant amount of time staring at a blank page I decided to release my inner Miss. Hyde and ferociously chase cattle in the wilderness of the North.
No, no, I thought of doing it but I couldn’t figure the exact formula so I ignored it (for now) but thank goodness three days ago I came with a better idea. There is this technique that helped me go through the haphazard middle; the thing is I have a lot of characters, some of them are attention junkies, and this was a bet challenging for me, so I figured a simplification of things will sound sweeter to my sad sad brain; "how about following two characters (Mark & Jack) and let them lead me to the anticipated ‘The End’?" I said with utter enthusiasm, my brain nodes in approval.
When I got stuck in the middle of my WIP, I only followed my MC Mark, and avada kedavra all the other parts of the story just clicked in their places, on their own, my characters, notorious of their disregard for my wishes actually behaved. But here at the very end everyone is at their best game and all wanna make mommy proud and help me close loose ends and story threads and get this thing to a halt, needless to say this only helped in confusing me more.
Now I will be bold enough to use Two characters. In short, here's the plan;
‘TAXI! Follow that boy on his way to the cave near the forest, good, now leave him we will get back to him later, just follow that handsome young man crossing the street aimlessly, what? yea the one with a suicidal face-what is it to you anyway?- thank you’ (well considering that the poor guy doesn’t know he’s following vampires, I think I shouldn’t be that rude).
And that’s the plan, I think I learned this technique from ‘Plot: elements of fiction writing ’ by Ansen Dibell. Reading about the craft is a good thing ;)

You've been doing this for days now! Results? It worked amazingly so far :) especially with a –selectional- application of Susan Dennard’s BICHOK plan, haha go see it it’s hilarious and super useful for procrastinating and moody people like yours truly. I have officially completed Jack's part in the story and now I only need to follow Mark, if all goes well I will be done by Friday or Saturday, well! who knows since Eid is coming on Thursday but wish me luck.

Something else. I found an interesting board in Pinterest (my latest passion) organized by a young women, Rachel Flores, of course once I knew she has a blog I went to see what’s up with the O.Z and rabbit holes, she’s a writer and she has an idea of a retelling of The great wizard of OZ, in a post she shares her thoughts and reasons for wanting to write her story, arguing that Alice got her share of retellings while Dorothy didn’t, and I must say her version sounds really intriguing especially with Dorothy being a depressed, fierce fighting girl. Hmm! I want to read that book.  And she calls Dorothy Dor, how cool is that? Don’t forget to check my boards too to see what projects I’m having in store.

Warning. Rachel has a SHERLOCK board (NO! I won't share a link!!), please for the sake of time saving, don’t go lose yourself there like I did (sheepishly staring at the floor), I had to literary take an oath not to come near this whole SH & Co. thing for a long looong time.

And. Now that Aragon came to the picture 'The Fellowship of The Ring' has turned into a much more enjoyable read, and once again (remember The Hobbit?) I'm Love.Ing.It

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