Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gandalf fell and Aragon cried “Come! I will lead you now!”

I’m reading The Fellowship Of The Ring horribly slowly, still 4.5 more chapters to go, but as time passes I come to appreciate it more and more.

The other day I finished a chapter titled “The Bridge of Khaza-dym” in which Gandalf confronts the Balrog, we all know how that ends, Gandalf falls and Aragon takes the responsibility immediately, now there was still Boromir and Legolas but everyone knew (by un-spoken-of-rule) that Aragon is the second in command, no time for objection of course but what’s important, no need to.

With a cry Aragon roused them. 'Come! I will lead you now! ' he called. 'We must obey his last command. Follow me! '

The formula for a successful transition of power in critical times after a loss of the leader a) wake the group from their shock by announcing your leadership, 2) give homage to the fallen leader, 3)  shout your first command. Works all the time ;)

Aragon was true to his word and led them out of the deadly tunnels of Moria, this whole scene was surreal to me because it got me thinking about my new WIP, specifically my MC Celia.
In my new book I intend on making Celia a leader in the league, a very high rank in the final battle against the enemy, I wanted so badly to make her a leader, I forgot that other scenarios -better scenarios- could be considered. I stopped brainstorming and rooted it as a fact in my head.

But after reading what happened upon the bridge of Khazad-dym, and how the transition of leadership went, and the effect it had on me, especially when Aragon said the magic words “I will lead you now”, I was forced to reconsider.
I can still get what I want BUT in a much refined manner. You see if Celia was first in command right from the beginning that’s cool, but if we get to see her become a leader in mid action it gives it a more legitimate  sense and the promotion becomes more personal hence emotional. Instead of starting with her leading I should Let her become the Captain, have enough confidence in her and therefore setting her free, whether in a Spock-Kirk fashion or a Gandalf-Aragon fashion I sense that this will be a smart move.
all I needed was to think like a reader.
I still find it hard, making Celia the second in command, but reading a lot about writing itself and what fellow writers had to say about the craft I concluded that writing needs braveness, it is not a job for the faint of heart, and when you give up on your beloved scene or story thread or plot you could be doing your book a big favor.

Something extra. Oh yes I said I will speak my mind about the next Hobbit trailer, well:

  • Legolas is baaack! it’s like meeting an old friend with these Hobbit movies, and it makes sense, he’s the son of the Elvin King, although Tolkien did not mention him in the book it’s likely that he fought in the battle of five armies. Legolas has always been one of my favorite characters on the previous trilogy, his skill in bow and arrow is tremendous and has always been a loyal friend and the best companion in battle. 
    Yes! and you were the best in business :D
  • More dwarves even women. That I love.
  • The escape through the river in barrels may prove a little trickier than that in the book, swords and axes will be used, Nooo your kidding right?
  • A new character on Legolas’ side, she’s obviously another elf but she looks really interesting. There’s a serious lack of women characters in the Hobbit book.
  • They will be showing the war of the order of wizards against the necromancer, it’s a great subplot that Tolkien left untold, smart move by movie makers, Saruman is cool on the good side and I already love Radagast. Middle-Earth wizards in action? this I Gotta see.
  • Apparently they will never make poor Bilbo leave Middle-Earth not being seen by deer old Smaug (because he didn’t see him in the book) or this is what they're selling, anyway I knew it. But what bothered me a little –ok a lot- was the actual lack of Bilbo himself in the trailer, Not Cool >:<
  • And why there’s this mysterious buzz in the air that it is Thorin who will slay the dragon? Even better :D

And I have this fun image with me today from Pinterest my latest passion, I’m amazed by the creativity some people have! This here is for a nice follower of my Blog, and a now published author “Sheena-kay” I promised you something extra ;) it’s the best SHERLOCK-Hobbit fan art I’ve seen so far.
Oh my God that is awfully, terribly, painfully cute :D
No really my side still hurts from laughing.


  1. Actually my novella will be self-published in December. Thanks for the dedication, I'm a huge Pinterest fan and have over 20 Boards with hundreds of images. LOTR and The Hobbit movies are amazing franchises and Tolkein wrote a rich fascinating series of books. Legolas rocks and while I do love Katniss he'd totally kick her ass.

    1. That was a cover reveal, why how silly of me, sorry for that, too much studying confused my brain, but it is an interesting cover, congrats anyway. Hey we could be good friends on Pinterest too, haha.
      Well waht can I say no one can come near our Legolass when it comes to shooting arrows.

  2. It's always great to get inspiration from other stories! And that's an awesome artwork!

  3. I love watching characters grow into their strengths! I think you hit on a great idea. :) Love Lord of the Rings!

  4. Thanks! I looove TLOTRs so much too, I'm happy I learned this lesson from such wonderful characters.

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