Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saying Hi, Falling in Love & some Curious Discoveries

Cause I wouldn't be Haneen not starting flamboyant :D

Hello guys J

It’s your adventurous Captain greeting you from the sea beneath the sea and so forth.

How are you all? It’s 2015. Feeling it already? I know I’m not.
It feels like I missed a day or been in a coma or something and this whole thing went all over my head and now I’m in this new strange year.
Don’t get me wrong I celebrated and did the counting and all, with our neighbors, sweet girls. But still here I am struck by lightning.

God I can’t wait for the Sunday match, the first this year, I can’t even begin to describe how I miss the boys, Barca I mean, I blacked out during their final matches of 2014, this one I need not faint through (I'm making zero sense).

Leo telling us he’s back to training after the Holidays

But there was this match against Espanyol last December (5 - 1), what happened? well Leo made a spectacular Hat-Rick all coming from super team work, and all the stadium -as it is the tradition since 2010- stood for the magnificent Iniesta when he entered, and I found myself falling in love with the game again, with the team again, that is what happened.
after the world cup went with its disputes, pleasures and perfect storms, football became weary, and I seriously considered giving it up, I couldn’t handle the drama any more. But that night the boys had me feeling things once again, remembering things. 
 In fact, I remembered reading something similar to this in Don Maass’s must-read book “Writing the Breakout Novel”. He was discussing capturing a snapshot of place, moment and character all at the same time (Maass, D. 2002: 83-84), and for this he brought a scene as example from Jane Hamilton’s A Map of the World, I’m not acquainted with the book but the scene was Aaaaaah! It’s about Alice the protagonist while in a men’s store with her husband who's buying a suite but what happens when he emerges from the dressing room is tremendous, Maass gives the longer version, I’ll give you the shorter one, i.e. the part I’m trying to describe here:
It was impossible not to admire him, hard not to want to do something to cantain that kind of beauty- drink him, ingest him, sneak into his shirt and hide for the rest of one’s natural life. After six years of marriage he had the power to occasionally render me weak in the knees.
This is true about other things too, like falling for football all over again.

I hate to admit but 2014 wasn’t at all, not even on an average scale, productive for my writing self. I got a short story published whopyyy! And that’s it Folks! I think it all went down hell when it was obvious NaNo isn’t available anymore. It ruined everything. But no more of this in 2015 cause I need to launch this writer’s career already.
Dude I’m getting olde, stuff needs to be done.


And I would love to share that I’m surprised at myself, I teach English for preschool kids -in case I didn’t say it out loud- for almost six months now. I love teaching little kids, I always knew that’s a job for me, taking care of four younger siblings since the age of five isn’t an experience on one's resume to trifle with, but I am genuinely stunned at myself, I have more energy than I had for years, and patience :) I still get sick and stuff (my third cold since I started work, in motion, now) but I’m moving, living, socializing and I’m much more braver, I needed a job that isn’t solitary yet I can tolerate, I’m a bit anti social you know.

I’m proud also to announce I have read more books than I expected.

Because it’s a new year I’ll tell you a thing or two personal, I said on this blog that my laptop’s name is Tshi-Shi, well my mobile phone is Marlow, as in: the narrator of Joseph Conrad’s novels, I got to know and love this fellow when I read Lord Jim, what a beautiful and sad book that was, even more the movie.
Getting Serious. so I couldn’t help but notice something that happens a lot with my characters lately, you know when stuff from the writer’s life seep into her writing without noticing? While brainstorming the life of a character called Hakeem I realized that he (also) is single and finding it hard to be meanwhile love is blooming all around him, wondering why is he still alone and when will it be his turn?...recognize this feeling? To keep it short; story of my life.

By the by. Just in case you still did Not do it, go download your copy of “The Insecure Writer Guide to Publishing and Beyond”. Yes I’m not kidding there’s a book now and I’m still eyeing it with awe cause all the titles are so deliciously persuading, the editing and characterization articles shimmer to me cause that’s what I need right now. But all of those amazing writers contributed to it and I feel so humbled, the writing community keeps proving that it’s the best and I’m delighted to be part of it. And while you’re at it visit the ISWSG website (the best you can find for helping writers) and see that wonderful, so wonderful post about characterization, huh! And I thought I invented the killer character sheet. 
You will thank me for it.

Hey!…did you knew about this? 

Jiminy Cricket! :0

Now I will never perceive these tools the same way again.

Ugh! okay Doctor. 
Sorry have to leave, got loads of studying to do.


  1. Just got to make a quick look before handing over laptop. Happy New Year and I definitely feel 2015.

    1. And a good year to you Sheena, glad your feeling it, good luck with a new laptop, darn we can't live without these things.