Saturday, November 1, 2014

Late Announcement!

Yea sad but true, I'm not doing it. source

Greetings guys! it's official; 

there will be no NaNoWriMo for me this year.

It fell on me, that I didn't really inform you guys on the blog, when I saw Marrisa Meyer's NaNo plans. (You know, THE Marissa Meyer, as in the Lunar Chronicles? i.e. Prince Kai? Sigh. 

Doubting and conflicting young Prince Kai
from the beautiful Cinder trailer

Why again didn’t I read her work earlier? Cinder is all forms of genius and I’m just in love.) Ugh! I'm so mad, can't believe I'm missing it this year, I just can't!


Anyway, yeah it sucks, last year –if you can remember- I had a brilliant time, I buddyied some clever people including an author I admire, the wonderful Sooz (Something Strange and Deadly series), and winning the challenge a day sooner had me grinning all through December, but I'm positive it's the perfect choice for me right now, I really got no time for racing through a book considering I'm already way too late on my research deadline, besides, I still don’t have a story developed enough to write, EXTRACTED proved to be no easy case.

Ah well, what's good about NaNo is that there's always next year, right? right :) good luck to all those who will be participating in 2014 I hope you win and have a blast.

P.S. A.R.Ivnovitch (writer of The War of The Princess series) my sweet friend You ROCK!
And Ikhlas, I pray you become the happiest bride of this year. As for the prettiest that I am sure of :)

And. Have you seen this?

Oh my heart! so sooo romantic. 


  1. That's okay Haneen, you have to decide what is best. I on the other hand decided to take on double duty Nano this year,

    1. am I mistaken or did you just said you're writing two books in a month?!!!

  2. Truthfully, I despise NaNo. Who expects decent work to come out of a word blood-bath? At any rate, I'm still participating this year...theoretically. I've got about 5 projects due in the next three months, so I really should be doing it. But am I? No. I'm here on the blogosphere. Chatting at people. Okay, I'm going to go get my rear in action. =)

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

    1. "word blood-bath" Haha love it, you gotta feel the thrill of the race somewhere there right? good luck with all that work, sounds daunting and great :)