Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Missing You

State of Day. I said maybeeee.. your gonna be the one that saves meeee.. and after aaaall.. you’re my wonderwaaaall.

Wow it’s been a while since I last blogged. It’s the Adha Eid holiday week and I’m home studying and hanging out, the first three days (Eid was Saturday) were quite stressful. But what I know is I missed blogging. I missed you guys and I certainly missed my cute Kindergarten kids (nice to be called Miss Haneen, respect. Haha)

How are you everyone? How’s life been and what dreams were you perusing? I hope some of you made magic, intoxicating magic.

I feel like I was tumbling about in a tunnel or a cave for a long time and that I have finally reached the light, I’m out into civilization again and I feel exhausted, in the best kind ever, like it was a real journey. I feel rejuvenated, can’t even remember when was the last time I dipped into the pool of depression and that’s just astounding!

Frankly, one of the reasons I went all low profile this time is I hated how the blog looked, the font, my writing, my topics everything, I couldn’t stand anything! But I didn’t have the time nor energy to make an extreme makeover cause that is what it needs, or what can satisfy moody me anyway. once I clear my head from academics I'll get to work on the new look, now I’ll feed my routine-hater self small chunks of change.

Bookish things. I finished Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map and it was really something. Thanks to it I learned a useful way to organize my whole month, I tried a lot of methods before but this one sounds the right match in this phase. Currently I’m reading through Michael J. Losier’s Law of Attraction: The science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t. This topic falls into my orbit of interests. I think it will be a good read.

I got out too, been meeting people and socializing, impressive ha!

And I watched that lovely Korean DramaRooftop Prince” and the beautiful bittersweet story ignited something inside me, an outpouring of strong emotions. I need this kind of thing every now and then I’m a writer after all, to be inspired is key for me.

What about Barca? With only one defeat in The Champions league against Paris Saint Germain 3-2 (that is still not very dangerous with their 2 away goals) and one tie with Malaga in la lega the team under Luis Enrique looks winner material. Everything is so interesting about the games lately cause there are many new faces and tactics, whether comers from other teams like the wonderful Rakitić or from La Masia like the unstoppable and Munir El Haddadi, and of course because the team plays under Iniesta’s lead as Captain (he is a great Captain by the way) meanwhile, Messi, who gets to be Captain a lot lately also, is on fire, Neymar is on fire too but for a different reason, the latter for scouring and the former for killer passes. Both Bravo and ter stegen are promising keepers and Jérémy Mathieu is an experienced defender, FINALLY!

New blood: from upper left Munir El Hadaddi La Masia's sensation, 
the strong man Rakitic, down from left Stegen, Bravo the keepers and Mathieu in defense

and Mundo Deportivo announced it:
Messi & Neymar the Machines!

And to make things even better Xavi, yes our very own Xavi is still on board :D he didn’t leave!, Enrique asked him to stay and he did! I’m so freaking thankful.

Xavi the heart & soul of FC Barcelona 

Me Ramblings. I want to get inside a rocket and fly to Madagascar, and Comoro islands and I want to visit Japan and Tunisia and write about all these places, I want to hop into a time machine and go 2 or 3 hundred years in the future and see how the world will be, how Sudan will look like and how Africa will evolve.

I have been a farer for a while this time, I’m thankful my feet have reached solid ground and although I can hardly wait for my next voyage I will be immersing myself into the boons of land and feel gratitude, cause I sure feel grateful for everything. Alhamdulilah

For Fun & Artzy stuff. I googled some Japanese YA novels covers for inspiration and got these

Twilight & New Moon haha

Charming cover, and I adore the vertical writing, it gives the designer enough space to create, i.e. make magic yes, thank you! :) whether Japanese, Korean or Chinese I am going to learn one (Or all) of these languages one day, now I need to master Spanish.

Wow! This is the real deal. This boy (without the glasses) can easily be my Mark! Classy, young and treats his sword like a musical instrument.

Ah! I don’t know why but these covers have hit my romantic cord and I’m going all swoon :’)
(now why did I have to go and say that word ‘swoon’? I hate it :<)

And at the end I had to show you this cause I’m one of those writers who want pictures in their books and this is so gorgeous, I think I’m capable of doing my own artwork in my books, difficult yes but very doable :)

Bon voyage    


  1. If you can do kind of art I would hire you. Glad to see you returning to blogging. Getting things in order is great and anything making your writing easier is great news. Looking to images for inspiration is a great trend. I do it as well.

    1. Why hello there Sheena! I am considering taking my hobby into the level of a respectable business so once I launch the project we can have a serious talk ;)

  2. Such fun art. I saw your comment on someone else's blog and I was like, "Brr? She's back?" Of course I had to come stop in. It's lovely to see you, virtually speaking--and I'm so proud of you. You got out and did stuff with REAL PEOPLE?!? Amazing.