Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life & IWSG

State Of Day. this post went live yesterday on the first Wednesday of July, how it went draft again for the life of me I have no idea! I just hope those in IWSG don't see it as laziness from my part or anything, I was very determined not to miss this month's post. 
Greetings my friends & Ramadan Kareem

I did it again, I disappeared. Yea well, that’s how I roll :P
It isn’t because of a lack of topics. In fact many things were going on and I could have made a series of posts if I wanted to. Let me see;
I could have posted about how my team, FC Barcelona won everything possible this season just like I hoped all year long and how they kept their brave promise to us fans; win the treble .

La Liga
Copa del Rey

and of course the most precious the Champions League 

Or how our legendary Captain was given a legendary farewell at his home Camp Nou; Xavi Hernandez, that was a night to remember.

we are all number 6 Xavi

Or how the relationship between Leo and Luis Enrique (team manager) turned out very well after all, this brought a smile to my lips.

Or the celebrations, the wonderful celebrations.

Or the charade that was Fifa elections, but let’s draw a curtain on that one.
And I could have posted about what’s going on now, the Copa America in Chile, where all my Latino boys are going head to head against one another.
Bravo with Sanchez & Messi with Masche are now the last men standing, waiting only the final match next Saturday to decide who will take the Copa home.

Afar from football, I could have talked about the start of the new school year, the challenges and all my new and old students.
Or a new friend I made on Facebook who had a true influence on my life.
Or not being able to read or finish a book or write a useful piece..ugh!
Or the holly month of Ramadan.
I could have even told you about some of my depression cycles and how I got out alive.
But…I did not, obviously.
I think April burned me out completely.
But I’m not complaining. The A to Z challenge was totally worth it.
I’m very exhausted right now, work and stress, but blogging again is a good place to start all over again. Thank you IWSG for pulling me out of my cocoon;) this here is for you.


My insecurities?

As usual the same problem at this time of the year, what book to write on NaNoWriMo?
Between a beginning of a series or a stand alone. Between sci fi or fantasy, I am totally lost.
I’ve been working on The League for years now and I’m kind of tired of fantasy. Not the book but the genre, for now, and both stand alone books I can pull on NaNoWriMo are fantasy.
I want to do something different this time, I need me some sci fi. And the two sci fi books I can choose from are a beginning of a series and not fully fleshed out in my head yet.
And I can’t jump into the writing process without having a clear idea what I want.
But to tell you the truth, it’s been years and no other book after the league managed to pull me so hard at writing it. The passion is gone. All ideas no matter how attractive look so pale.

How to bring the passion back for writing? I don’t know. Any ideas? cause i'm sure sick of it.

See you soon I hope :)


  1. Just write whatever pulls on you the strongest. For some inspiration, listen to music, go watch a play, go somewhere different. Something will strike you.

    1. The problem is nothing pulls me anymore :( maybe I should try going somewhere different?