Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Make way For the Champions & THE Champion Xavi

The boys greeting the fans

So in nowhere else but Madrid we made it. Finally, FC Barcelona, dear FC Barcelona has won La Liga
Thanks to our hero. Only one goal was enough. Lionel Messi strikes yet again
With a ridiculously skilled goal (I can’t stop hitting repeat) against Atletico Madrid in el calderon

I love this shot of Messi's celebration because you can see Ivan Rakitik raising his arms in victory

Makes sense to be first chased and caught be one of the fastest players in the world ;)

Messi & Alba
Don’t forget to say
“Thank You God”

and goof around some more 

be careful! don't hurt Iniesta
And of course another standing ovation for Iniesta this time in El Calderon.  Every time this happens my heart expands.

Best friends on and off the pitch have a hug, Messi and Dani Alves.

Now that Messi is back on the right he and Dani are quiet the duo to be feared once again.

and more happy faces

Messi Bravo and Xavi the captain
and Neymar asking for a special shot of the MSN

And you? What about you Prince?

Saying today your leaving for good?

Playing the goodbye match on Saturday?

Tell me?

I thought I was prepared for this but my heart is heavy, oxygen deprived.
 God! I just hope I don’t get into the tiring crying sessions. I really have no energy for that. Reading this alone got me tearing and screaming.

I will watch some matches of Al Sadd just for you El Maestro.
I think it is where your heading,
and I know your leaving to achieve greater things for the sake of football.
 It is your time to move on. 

If this is your destination I must say those in Qatar aren’t inexperienced, they want the perfect gathered around.
Just like Raul and Guardiola before now it's you.
I was elated at the beginning of the season when you decided to stay.
 Thank you for everything.

Barca will never be the same without you

I will never forget you
My Leader

My Captain
Xavi Hernández i Creus



  1. Hi Haneen ... a real tear jerker ... hope all goes well for both of you!! .. cheers Hilary

  2. Congrats to Qatar. And wow, their uniforms GLOW!

  3. Congrats to Qatar. And wow, their uniforms GLOW!