Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A whole year and a randomness I know I will regret

Why, I can’t believe it. It’s been a year? 
A whole year since I started this blog? No! Your kidding me Noooo!

Oh Lord!
I wish I could say something cool like I’m writing you this from the TARDIS or some other exotic alternative world 

 I'm pretty much still in my not very fancy rooms.
I know this is my first blog anniversary an important event that I should be enthusiastic about
Truth is I’m feeling cold and beaten up right now
Like I’ve accomplished nothing, not now, not ever.
 Don’t be surprised, that’s how Anxiety rolls.
There are good days
and then there are days like this.

Never the less, I will talk, blather, chatter or whatever this post may seem to you
Here it goes

Why? Oh why do I have a vampire in every book I write?

I thought Nights will be the only vampire book I write (at this stage)
Then out of the blue I find myself outlining this new book I want to write in April with all cast Bloodsuckers!
Even the WIP I scheduled for this year’s NaNoWriMo has a Vampire that surprised me and took his place among my main characters
And this one, Oh let me tell you
He swept me off my feet
Unstoppable like the force of nature
What is it with me and those creatures?
Living through ages and different eras, possessing super powers and a chance for a new beginning every now and then, your still asking?
I think this calls for an individual post.

Hey! I learned to do some Origami shapes?
A fox a swan and a jumping frog! 

sorry couldn't make it rotate

Now I can brag in front of little kids and wow them with my never seen before talent

the writing community rocks!
 No really, the writing community is a caring, loving and sharing one. The reason I’m saying this is the wonderful things that exploded around the cyberspace when Sarah B. Larson published her debut novel DEFY.

Michelle Argyle, a favorite blogger and writer of mine, wrote this post about never giving up and how her friend Sara didn't, she also posted this lovely letter to her as an advice on her debut.
And Shallee took her celebration to the next level when she announced her admiration for all writers whether pubbed, self-pubbed, orun-pubbed
And I just got to quote something really cool you guys:

My brother-in-law told me something over the holidays that I'll never forget. I'd announced my book deal to family, though I couldn't announce online yet because the contract wasn't final. Amidst all the congratulations and joy, my BIL said (and I paraphrase), "You know, this is so amazing. Nobody stood over you and told you to write every day, or made you keep going through all the rejections. This was all you, working hard and determined to reach your dream. And you did it."
Did you read that, people? Did you see yourself in it? I hope you did.

After he said that, I stood in the kitchen for a moment, dumbfounded and full of pride. Because he's right, and I'd forgotten it.

You know what?
That gave me an Uh Ha moment.
No one told me to write and edit and seek publication
No one
I did it on my own, I'm not a big fat loser after all
That’s in your face you dream crushing, nerve wrecking, soul sucking Anxiety!

 one nutcase post this is, that I'm sure of
I will probably regret writing it in the morning
  I will continue to be your loyal Captain Haneen though

God! I'm DYING with boredom
I'm Off for a real adventure

Ooops! sorry.
I'm off for a real adventure!

 that's more like it.

So, I bead you all adieu,
 or whatever those people from the time of swords and hats used to say. 


  1. Bed us, oh Haneen you devilish girl you! Or it was a typo. Either way, it gives the post a pop in the end. Writing can seem lonely, even useless sometimes but keep at it. If you always write vampires either embrace it or try something new. Think of a favourite paranormal creature or contemporary situation and write about it freestyle. See what happens. Happy Blog Anniversary and looking on the bright side is the best side.

    1. WHAT?!! Noooooo!! and that big TYPO is a great reason why I knew I will regret writing this post in the morning. Thanks for the help Sheena I'm always in need of such loyal crew members to aid me in my writing quest. I actually do like vampires, it's just weird that they keep appearing in my stories, I think it’s only a phase and I’m a fan of trying new things anyway, let’s see what’s going to happen.

  2. I'm so glad the post helped you remember how awesome you are and how much you've done! I hope you enjoy your adventures and your vampires. :) And by the way, thank you for the sweet e-card!