Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Joys and Fashion in Fifa Ballon d'Or world

Hello There!

Well!!! here are the boys!

The Barca boys at yesterday’s Fifa Ballon d’or annual gala at Zurich, looking very elegant and dazzling with Leo shinning a little brighter, haha. A pretty photo missing only the Don Iniesta since he chose not to grace the gala with his precious presence this year, he had a small bump on the leg in the last match with Atletico and preferred to make sure not to push himself too hard. It’s a world cup year and stuff (obvious with the Brazilian mascot  Fuleco spreading his arms yesterday and scaring children of stage!) we don’t want any mistakes, for God’s sake NO more injuries!!!!! Please or I’ll shoot myself.

Xavi is sassy and classy, as usual, and Neymar is raising the bar a bet isn't he?  And I believe Alves is wearing a similar suite to that of  Messi for the 2010 gala, right?

Any way very chic. The king of course is loud in his fashion choices like he always does, Oh yeah! it suites him very well though, too shinny and absolutely accepted considering that awhile ago sparkly vampires were the next hot thing heheh. Still I stand by my opinion that his appearance in 2012 was by far the most perfect.

and it made him look so different, stylish, classic and mature.

It was a surprise for me that the winner in the women category of the best player was a goal keeper, German National Team goalkeeper Nadine Angerer was announced No. 1, God that was phenomenal, I really wish such a breakthrough can reach the men competitions.
And I hate to say I told you so but Cristiano Roaldo FINALLY got his second long awaited award. Many tears he dropped. It was a touchy moment.

And so was the teary moment of Pele himself when honored with a similar award for his contribution to the sport. I mean, isn't gratitude wonderful?


So here’s our dream team for 2013. Not bad right, if lacking Ineista and more colors, no Messi you are blinding me with your brightness already, step way aside please.
Wouldn't you just wish to see this team in action? It will rule over the galaxy!

Now the only reason I’m showing you this coming photo of the dream team of 2012 is something blue,

Yes you guessed it, Falcao’s suit was really something!

But by miles my favorite dream team still remains that of 2011, yea that was some team! like WOW! memories play an important part, those guys were fresh out of the world cup and I was still in the zone, all was coming back to me as Celien Dion sings.

Anywaaaaaay, Barca had the highest number of players in the top ten, Ha Ha (ok I laughed a lot today) nothing new of course we’ve been doing this for awhile now :P

A highlight of the night for me was this little cute thing that came after papa Ronaldo as he went to receive his trophy, Aw!

He probably understands nothing now, but he will grow up and it will hit him how great and surreal this night was.

Well now what? You know, I knew that two months off the pitch because off injury will cause Leo to be dethroned, it was obvious, but what I did not expect is that he still finished second –with the highest vote percentage of any second-place since the FIFA World Player and Ballon d’Or were consolidated into one award, Amazing! I mean SEVEN consecutive times on a row he competes as the best in the world and wins four times! And there he was shinning, smiling and greeting his opponents like he always does.
“it’s a pleasure to be here for a seventh consecutive year. It’s very nice.”

 He said after the event and when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo, he said: 
“before anything else I want to congratulate him. He had a great year and his emotion is very understandable.”

All I want now is for this shinning factor to continue to the world cup. With Messi we can always say there’s next year, the wind proved to blow on his side the last world cup, this year though anything can happen so I keep hoping.


It may sound like a small thing but I’m really proud of how fast I am when looking a word in my huge dictionaries, I still remember the first and very small dictionary our 3rd year Intermediate English teacher asked us to bring along in the class, I fell in love with this enchanting book, it fit in a small pocket in my backpack and I was so happy to give it it’s rightful place –for wow-ing me that is, finding words  was a slow process at the beginning, now it comes with sense, I open on the right letter so quickly I surprise myself. Staring at my too big sized dictionaries I feel like I own the game. It’s good to feel GOOD about something each day ;)

Thank You


  1. Words are amazing and dictionaries are super helpful. I got a bit of FIFA education here today. I'm no sports buff but awards and tears of joy are universal.

    1. Glad to be helpful Sheena, and yes awards and happy tears are universal and beautiful, the Ballon d'Or is an event I make sure not to miss every year, it makes me terribly nerves like penalties (no actually nothing in the world makes me as nervous as watching pentalities) and still I just can't miss it, I need to know who will win, especially that my Barca players are always present so yeah I'm crazy like that :P