Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm SO Jamming this post 2014!


Hello dear readers and Alsalamu3alaekum

2014 here we are, the beginning of a new year and man how I feel euphoric! And what a better way to say Hello to the new year than to invite you to the land of Barcelona, oh Qatar Airways please fly me there! After all this is a year of a World Cup eh!

let’s get it on now shall we,
Of course, Ahem, it’s obvious but I have won NaNoWriMo 2013 thank you, thank you, no more applause please I’m turning deaf. Ha ha! an amazing experience it was, taught me that I can simply do whatever I set my mind to do, I’m even intending to participate again this year Insha’Allah.

speaking of football, 2013 was sum year for Leo Messi, he has officially reached a true halt in his career because of an injury after exhibiting superhuman abilities for years, and to top it all tedious problems with the law and scandals to no end, Ah! He is still standing and that is what matters.
I’m sure Cristiano will have his 2nd FIFA Ballon d’Or this time, although it will be such a pleasant surprise if Ribery wins. Really. But either players deserve it anyway so may the best man collect the prize. What I care about now is the world cup, and this is where I wish Leo to triumph. He’s back in Barcelona and training like never before,  toughen up Hero, we back you up :)

Happy to have accomplished many things in 2013, I must confess although I suffered many set backs I managed to still be productive, and it made me much courageous, last year’s Flexibility motto really helped me ease things on my stressed head, I researched better health solutions,  failed miserably at some things but learnt a lot, no regrets. 16.5 goals done J (0.5 is for the 2 books of Tolkien’s series, I’m still reading Two Towers and have The return of the King to navigate) got a new Pixy dust list for 2014 too and a new motto, I’ll be adding it soon.

Blogging? A good addition to my life, after all I am a writer :) it needs much more dedication and organizing from me of course, this year I will do my best to become a better blogger, although I still can’t promise this in the three upcoming months, I will be very busy you see. And you know what I didn't really had a certain expectation for how much following my new blog will receive but the truth is I was lucky and humbled by the eight very nice people who took interest enough in what I write to actually follow “I will never give you up”, and those are:

and to all who follows me on facebook and elsewhere
and those who come by to read and check
To you lovely folks I say
Happy New Year J

This year I want to set the bar higher, step into the second circle of my danger zone rings.  Seriously this year I have far bigger challenges than the last, I need to work harder, especially now that I know all the things I didn't before, I’m ready. Anxiety can’t rule over my life forever.

2013 was a hard, but just like Shallee said, it was a year of growth and change. I never thought this will ever happen but my priorities began to shift to places I imagined I’m still young to pursue, but let’s face it, there’s no crape as the appropriate age to make your relationships with certain people better.

Shahi as usual was amazing, her first post for the year has been so classy and resonated with me deeply, all I really want and aim for is to be the best version of my own self.

Before I go I urge you to go check more of the lovely bloggers I follow as they tell us in different ways and styles what do they feel about this year and what went on last year, check Michelle Argyle’s big block of information, Ikhlas’s best of her last year’s reading list (also if you missed it go read this post by her, it's important) and Natalie opens the year with yet another book , Blindsided the sequel to her Biopunck TransparentAishah Amin on the other hand celebrates the year with fashion and her cutey, meanwhile dear Bennett is in a missing you deeply mood.

Gotta leave you now, surely you got important stuff to do :P

See ya soon


  1. AWE!! Thanks for the awesome mention!! And I'm so glad 2013 was a time for growth. I always feel like if we aren't growing, we're shrinking, and I'd rather be the bigger person, haha :) Happy new year to you!!

    1. "the bigger person" ! haha very funny! and don't mention it, It's the beginning of a new year and I'm feeling kind of generous hehe, might change though hehe

  2. Happy New Year Haneen and thanks for mentioning me. Growing is an essential part of life and I'd love to see how you grow this year.