Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Birthday and 3 Winners!


Ahoy there Mates!

This is your captain speaking!
It is the 2nd of April, the day I was born 30 something years ago.
So…happy birthday to me xD


Now for our next topic of the day :)


One of the lessons I taught this year and enjoyed teaching was poetry, for my amazing 4th graders I taught the ABC poem and the cinquain that I simply stumbled upon and fell in love with.
Did you know it was invented by a woman? Adelaide Crapsey? <3<3
Well I didn’t, which is shameful by the way.

“Tsk! tsk! Captain”.
“Not now…go away! Grrr!”

Now there are more than one way to write a cinquain poem, for example:


but for my kids' writing project I chose the easier path.


And because we had so much fun, I decided to include this very precious if neglected blog in the process, I told my kids that there will be a competition and I will display the winning poem on my own blog (and the school yard of course), meanwhile those who weren’t so lucky will have a chance in the A to Z challenge where I will be adding their poems to my posts.

Frankly I spoke about one winner, but because they did such a good job, I’m going to include 3 winners! I truly believe it is the right decision.
They will go wild :P Explosive!

Drum, drum, drummm!

Here we go: 

Dark, night
Dreams are coming
As I feel scared


By Fatima Omer, 4C


Teacher's Note: this here is a tricky poem that starts cute and ends on a high and scary note.
Fatima is a quiet girl who reads beautifully and never gives her teacher a hard time, so I'm very proud of her. You will be seeing another poem by her during the challenge Insha'Allah. Good work dear.

Captain America
Kind, brave
Planning, leading, ordering
The best avenger ever

By Mahjoub Mohamed, 4D

Teacher's Note: I loved how simple and revealing this poem is. It follows the rules exactly and shows respect for the character. I also loved how the poem ended with shield, which is definitely a synonym for Captain America.
Mahjoub grew up on me, he is a dark horse I'm telling ya, and he announced to my surprise a while ago that the reading lesson (my subject) is his favorite lesson.
Aw! so cute, and good job.

Big, huge
Finding, fighting, killing
Their teeth as sharp as knives

By Mazin Rashid, 4A


Teacher's Note: this poem started strong and finished strong, I loved how the order of the verbs goes in line 3 where the dragons have to find each other first then fight then kill. It shows a picture and tells a very short story. 
Mazin isn’t any student of mine, he’s also my friend, and I’m very happy he made this list, because I assure you there were other strong competitors.
You will be seeing more poems by him too, so stay tuned.

My 9 year olds who are into super heroes and fantasy creatures and all that is creepy :P
I’ve been doing a good job indeed, hehe xD
I hope you like the children’s work.

Well, that’s all for today, please join me tomorrow for another post on the A to Z challenge.


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