Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From Camp Nou with Big Big Love

Messi : Shhhh Don't tell anyone; but we are the best team in the world
Alves: You can count on me mate

They were beaten in Milan by Milan
in the first leg in the Champions league
It was fair & square because unfortunately they delivered one of the most terrible games probably in the last five years!
 Some say EVER!
This sad sad night was followed by a true catastrophe…two consecutive losses in two different competitions to the same team, their ultimate nemesis Real Madrid
All seemed lost
Withered by the wend
After all without their Captain (who I ask God to make his recovery in the US successful & complete) how can they have the energy to win

Tito Vilanova

The Blue & Red Knights came back
And I’m not talking about their 2:0 against Deportivo de La Coru├▒a
last Saturday in la lega
I’m referring to
The not just any comeback
The Smashing come back
In the second leg They defeated Milan in Camp Nou
4 to NOTHING!!!
That is...
No People listen to me
Drop everything your doing and
That Is How Football Should Be Played
That Is The Magic of The Game
Last night’s Four heart melting goals were Sponsored by


Leo Messi

Of course Our Historical, Legendary, Incredible, etc one & only Hero 
who scored two goals just for his solo fun
(& Who by the way; alone managed to Tie us with Milan)

Villa & Alba

and one goal each from The fantastic two who secured the win :D

And of course all the team was spectacular
yet some out-of-this-world Blaugrana players stood out:

Our ALWAYS Genius dio

Iniesta & Xavi
 In addition to

 These very talented gentlemen

ِAlexes & Alves

 Great Work Boys You Deserve it
Keep celebrating :)
Allow me to demonstrate in a Laini Taylor fashion:
The next time someone say’s to you 
The golden Era of Barca is over 
you give him or her
one of these expressions

That is all I can say :)


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    1. Thanks Sarah! glad you liked it, and what can I say? those skeptical posters are just Sot ON! I had to use them :)