Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Healthy Writers Club: Taking it slow

So regarding my health I’m taking it slow; with injuries in both my left leg and left upper-side of my back any kind of working out is rather tricky.
I’m trying as much as I can to clean my food, especially from the horrible amount of sugar I consume daily. Tracking down what I eat is really helpful, I failed miserably today though :( yes I had some healthy food but I also had more sugar in my system than I should. Oh well, I’ll refine my ways in the future.

What I seem to be succeeding at is cutting my daily number of tea cups, I’m aiming at three and I’m adding less sugar to it, Yay Me :) I want to replace it with fresh juice and milk, I so don't drink these two..shame!
I chose some really light exercises, one is a very easy exercise I use for stress, I like it because it’s a) easy so it doesn’t pile on more damage  and b) it makes me feel happy afterwards so what more would I want? (yet I still managed by some miracle to overdo it today which resulted in hurting my leg…how fascinating of me), I’m still looking into more interesting stuff too, tell you more in the future.
I stopped any kind of stretching for running because it backfired at me and worsen my case.
I’m so tired of this injury and the limitations it brought to my life and its strong refusal to heal no matter what I do; I’m determined not to ruin things this time.
And because of the writer -who sits for a long time- I am; I do my chair training (just move your arms up, down, sideways, and left your legs up then lower them down, or let your feet touch the ground with only your toes for a suitable time and repeat, you know that kind of stuff) this is like magic by the way, try it :)

and as much as I could I follow the 20-20 eye rule i.e. after 20 minutes of staring at the computer screen I take my eyes of it for 20 seconds and look at the farthest point in the room or out the window.

Well, as you can see I’m trying what I can to feel better and bounce back to my running schedule again, the good old days.

Before I go. remember to always drink water, keep it near you and add a half lemon juice to it and stay hydrated, it worked for me :)

Wish you all a healthy, happy life.


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear you've injured yourself, Haneen! Hope you get better soon, inshAllah :)

    1. Thanks Ikhlas! Ameen, it's been a while, I hope this time my efforts make an actual difference.