Thursday, May 7, 2015

It’s Reflection Time!

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Why hello there! You’re still around? Cool.

This is Captain Haneen’s ever first A to Z challenge reflection post. Through April I have become an expert in 3 swords from the East, Middle Earth and the West, caught a sun ray, crossed the fire chasm, swooned over the power of innocence, turned philosopher and blew the foghorn announcing the Captain I am.
And not surprisingly many many more.
I invaded my city of loneliness room after room and came up with what the lonely poet would put in her notebook. What a journey it was.

Ready for the pros and cons? Here we go:


^^Knowing I can do it. Create every day and do it fast. Completing this task made me see how I’m more than capable of doing the tumbler project I wanted to embark on this year.

^^The sense of abundance, getting high on the work! The importance of participating in something a lot of other people do with you, the family.

^^Actually finishing something, I confess I’m not good at that.

^^Writing! I was suffering from the lack of it.

^^According to my viewers I write strong finishing lines, song lyrics and I tell interesting stories through poems. Ha Ha! Some even ventured to tell me I RAP (say what?!) others said I fanfic through poetry, okay I really don’t know about those last two.

^^Some viewers interpreted my poems in a way that surprised the hell out of me.

^^Comments. Because let’s face it my blog gets the most comments on the A-Z challenge. Thank you all guys you were so nice and informative. As for the minions, well, Carrie Ann Tripp did come to my rescue on the only day I hit a wall, I will be always grateful.

^^Jumping from one favorite blog to another, which takes me to;

^^Wonderful old & new blogs :D without particular order my top ones are:

 1 - Laura Clipson at My Baffling Brain. Flash fiction. Such well written pieces. Favs: Immortal, Horsemen, Poison.

 2- A Tarkabarka Hölgy at MopDog. 27 ways to die in medieval Hungary. That was by far the most ambitious/innovative theme I was lucky to encounter this year, informative and right down funny and the execution was perfect. It even receives remarkable comments (coming to this).

 3 – Gwen Tolios at Fulfilling Dreams. Planets from books and shows. Some good Ol memories of Star Wars and Doctor Who. Funny though, the one planet that wowed me was one of her own creation. Now I want to read the book.

 4 – Salvwi Prasad at PoeticBug. Poetry. A sweet well structured poem every day, what more would a poet want? 

 5 – Jay Noel. Mythical creatures. Mostly the rare ones from different parts of the world. Thank God. I was hooked since B-Day, not a fan of Bewolf, yet the way Jay told the story I laughed like an idiot all day long, some posts were hilarious, don’t believe me? check this one out.

6 – n1science. Futuristic Inventions. Dude! That was awesome 0-O Great starting point for sci-fi projects. He even gives links for further research.  

 7 – J.H. Moncrieff. All things chilling (Shudder). From real zombies to Ouija boards to missing people and serial killers. You just got to love some scary stories.


^^Well, it was all consuming, especially with football season getting hectic and I wanted to gush over FC Barcelona as much as I could (Those 400 goals!).

^^The slow internet connection made visiting certain blogs that depend on images or videos utterly useless.

^^I miss my theme sign already T.T with all its pretty letters and dark colors. Ah well, I need to top it next year.

So everyone, that is my reflection post, done. Loud and clear I hope.

By the way, I got the Libster award…again. This time I promise I’ll be less lazy and actually blog about it. Thank you Salvwi Prasad ^-^

Something Extra. Some comments deserved an award, and this comment wasn’t only creative but amusing. On R-Day at MopDog the way to die was by rolling down a hell. Some old tribe sentenced a man to death by pushing his cart down a hill, bizarre!
here is C.D. Gallant-King’s comment:

p.s. and if you think I forgot about how Barca floored Bayern with 3 goals on Camp Nou yesterday you’re wrong! There will Blood! Aa...ehem...I mean there will be a post coming soon.

Goodbye ^-^


  1. I agree that it's like a family. Greatest support for bloggers I have seen :)

  2. Discovering new blogs is the #1 reason I do A-Z. It's a lot of work, but well worth it. It was so great to find your blog, and thanks for the shout-out!

    1. You're welcome Jay, lucky to find your blog too.

  3. A nice read Haneen. And thank you :)

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge. Traffic spikes and on the fly creativity, it's all a wonderful flurry of amazingness. I'm glad I got to meet you!

  5. Hi Haneen - well done ... and cleverly wrapped up. I must check out the Medieval deaths, and Jay and N1Science ... thanks for highlighting and reminding me of their theme. I have to admit the Barca bit isn't my favourite, but I see they did well yesterday - so the final will be a good watch for you - me I pick up the result afterwards!!

    Loved that comment: Death by Cart .. such fun to read .. cheers and see you around - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, Thank you very much, yes the boys did great and I'm more than proud, they have achieved so much this season. Still need to wait till next month for the CL final but meanwhile they can steal other finals so let's just see what will happen :)

  6. Just now getting around to visiting the blogs in the challenge. April was a busy month for me. Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to next year! See you on the Road Trip!


  7. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! I actually got to visit your blog during the crazy month of April. I'm popping over today from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess