Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TOSOD: And the Award Goes To..

 Heaay! goofing around! We Are the Champions! 

Football wise. Yes we won La Liga but more on that in a separate post :)

Reading wise. I finished Scarlet by Marisssa Meyer and again I appreciate the genius of this woman. Although I’m not sure why a lot of girls were hyping about Captain Thorn? I must confess reading her short story ''Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky'' I was terrified he might charm me more than Emperor Kai. But what I found was that teenage Thorn was a hell of a character whereas his adult is nothing but a shell bossed around by a 16 year old (i.e. Cinder).

Hello my friends!

2015 is my 3rd year of blogging, of posting this and that on my beloved little I Will Never Give you Up and after many failures and gains I started to see a shift.
As a blogger I’m more organized and brave, participating in challenges and going around looking for new people and exquisite places. Haneen the writer and the woman are truly changing, for the better. I think this is why things like awards has started to happen.  
I pointed before that this is my 2nd time to receive the Libster award, first time was in March from Tyrean Martinson at Everyday Writer. Thank you very much. I loved her questions but they were very demanding and I was lazy and busy I worked everything in my life in snail pace. This time sweet Salvwi Prasad at PoeticBug is the one to offer it. She’s a blogger I knew during the A to Z challenge and mentioned on my reflection post. Thank you Salvwi ^-^

What’s this Libster thing anyway? Find everything you need to know down here. Also Hannah Heath did a great job explaining everything about the award.

11 random facts about myself:
1- I love watching Top Gear UK although I don’t drive nor do I know anything about cars. But if I do one day own a car I think Dean Whinchester’s Impala would be nice :P
but why can’t I have KITT from Knight Rider, ha? :*(

Imapala vs KITT says a lot about me eh?

2- I <3 FC Barcelona. Common knowledge. VISCA BARSAAA!!!

3- when I was under 6 I used to think that 20 year olds are giants.

4- Loinel Messi is the greatest football player of all time, Period.

5- One day I will ship to the North Pole and study the language of dolphins and whales.

6- I used to skip introductions thinking it’s nothing more than pesky pages put only to bore me out of my skull. Now? An introduction can easily be my best part in a book.

7- I don’t see girls like me in fantasy or Sci Fi, you know what I mean, Black, Muslim, Hijabi, Arabic speaking and so forth. I intend on changing that.

8- When I was young I used to enjoy sipping cold water like a juice, in front of Tv and all. I wish I still do this.

9- I pretty much adore children.

10- In every boy band I used to like in my teenage years the shortest guy is automatically my favorite. A truth that still stands today, footballers, actors, characters (do certain Bagginses ring a bell?). I guess it’s my whirring. I’m the girl who likes shorty.
But! but, If I ended up marrying a tall man you are all welcome to laugh at me, BIG time.

11- People either think I’m wise, class and quiet or that I’m oversensitive, geekish and a loud person, when each finds out about my other self they get a serious shock and I get to smile and wave baby. 
swear I didn't do it on purpose, but you can see it in my choice of cars, classic and harsh like the Impala, modern and soft like KITT. Nothing more to say.

Bloggers who deserve your time:
1. Fifi Islahi at Hugs and Kisses of Poetry. Sweet like a fresh breeze.

2. Summer at Miss Fictional World. I like this girl, she got the Spunk! And for the life of me I don’t know how she just has a little over 200 followers?

3. Ikhlas Hussain at The whimsical whims. I adore her blog. That’s why I put it here although she doesn’t display the amount of her followers.

4. A Tarkabarka Hölgy at MopDog. Because come on, I had to pass the award to this blogger. Pretty impressive work :)

11 questions to answer:
1. Do you like digital or hardcopy novels?
My only 2 issues with digital novels are that I read them on Tshi Tshi (my laptop) so I can’t really take them anywhere with me & my poor eye muscles get tired.

2. Which quality defines you?

3. If you were a colour, which one you would choose to be and why?
Violet and I already explained why in a poem.
Also far behind, white, black and yellow.

4. List 3 things without which you don't leave your house ever?
Marloe (my mobile), pen/pencil, notebook.

5. How important is your blog for you?
I’m a listener, unfortunately I don’t really have someone to listen to me. My blog is where I can talk about the things that matters to me however small.

6. Can writing be an acquired talent?
Yes, StrategyKid is the biggest example. I also have a new friend who taught himself good writing because it’s the best way to approach certain subjects he’s passionate about.

7. How did you pamper yourself today?
I had my beauty sleep and listed only 3 tasks to finish for the day. Writing this post is one I ticked.

8. Did you meet an old friend recently?
Many actually. Quite the surprise.

9. What would you like to change in yourself, if at all?
My temper.

10. What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
I don’t know about the greatest, but this year my first class graduated and I’m more than proud to have taught these amazing children and helped make them love English and excel in it.

11. How happy are you today?
On a scale from 1 to 10 I’m 5. You should have seen me 4 days ago. Your curiouse?
3 Shah Ruhk Khan movies on the row, that lead to:
 dancing & singing Hindu songs with Queenballerina all day
and a breakthrough in a WIP and the MA research.
And a very undeniable unashamed romantic mood. Yeah! I was feeling good.

and while we're at it; Rani Mukerji you killed it in Mardaani girl, you just Killed.It! 

And here are my questions for the nominees:

  1. Favorite fiction book?
  2. Favorite nonfiction book?
  3. Sci-Fi or Dystopia?
  4. Favorite song?
  5. Do you think mastering chess can make a vampire a clever fighter? Why?
  6. What genres you wish to see mixed together in a book?
  7. What are the qualities that make a Hero/Heroine memorable?
  8. Luck Skywalker or Darth Vadar?
  9. What is your house in the wizzarding world?
  10. Do you know what Cotards is?
  11. A fan of sports? What do you follow and who’s your role model?


  1. Hi Haneen - well done on your award .. they're always lovely to get .. congratulations on this one ... cheers Hilary

    1. You discover amazing things about yourself through these awards, no? Thanks again Hilary.