Friday, May 13, 2016

Your Captain's Reflection Post and a yummy book

State Of Day. I know I know! Sunbolt review will come after this reflection post, I’m keeping this promise, sheesh!

And. After watching the Bollywood movie Drishyam and liking it I read it was inspired by the Japanese detective book The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino, so I hunted for that book and Oh MY God! What a read, guys if you were living under a tent like me and haven’t come across this gem I say you must. I’m utterly speechless, I loved this book to pieces. Can you believe I hated no one and fell for every single man in this novel? Other than the victim himself that is, irony. Anyway, review on goodreads coming up soon.
Hey guys! How you all doing :)

It’s the busy researcher, your Captain reporting on her time during the 2016 A to Z challenge that was held last April. It was quite fun, I loved my theme “The Dream Team” even though I missed many pretty letters due to my very tight schedule:
A – B – C – E – H – L – M – R – S – W – Z
D – F – G – I – J – K – N – O – P – Q – T – U – V – X – Y

At the beginning when it downed on me that I won’t be able to complete the challenge perfectly I got quite depressed, well, truthfully I was depressed already for various reasons but this one just added to my chagrin, then I snapped out of it. Come on Captain! No big deal, you got priorities and there is always next year, no?
Surprisingly though, it was my theme itself that gave me the motive to continue (aside from my natural stubbornness of course). I really loved and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of bringing some of my favoritecharacters together with the bonus of talking about some of FC Bacelona players, my real living dream team :D
I also wish I was able to give each team a Show Time, they deserved it, it was more of a short piece, and it gave me some great ideas, I actually felt I was writing a story.

But all this fun came with a price! Grrrr
If you must know….the Barca players would present their new friends from the dream team with tickets to matches….especially the longawaited Copa del Rey finale against Sivilla and yes, I’m the one who wrote these events yet I can’t but feel betrayed…Hey! Where is MY ticket! Not Fair!  

Okay aside from this madness, some bloggers were doing a magnificent job with their themes too, allow me to take my hat off for:

1 -MopDog on Hungariean cartoons.
2 -On Lovely Curses, Nortina Simmons was telling us about her grandmother's various husbands. This should become a book by the way.
3 -Fill The Cracks. Some heart warming pieces about Africa.
4 -Stephanie Ingram, for brilliant flash fiction.

Lastly. let me show you some of the illustrious members that should have been on my Dream Team this year but didn't make my final Letters BIG cut:

Daniel Alves, Dodger 

Rafael Alcántara, Frodo Baggins (The Lord of The Rings), Harold Finch (Person of Interest).

Gerard Piqué , Gon (Hunter)

Jordi Alba, John Watson (SHERLOCK), Jin Kazama (Tikin 3). Say what? How did I ever miss this awesome team?

Kyosuke Kagami  (R.Schools), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games). Again awesome team.

Neymar da Silva Júnior, Captain Nemo (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Naruto (Naruto), Shikamaro Nara (Naruto). Now I should shoot myself. Do you know the potential this team has? Guh!

Douglas Pereira dos Sanros, Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games),  Harry Potter. Boy Power! Love <3  

Arda Turan, Tifa Lockhart (FFVII), Temari (Naruto),The Thief Lord. High respect to all of these outstanding individuals.

Thomas Vermaelen, Vivi (FFIX),Vincent (FFVII).

And that is all folks :)

Hasta Luego! 

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