Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Team Messi! Messi! Messi!

State Of Day. Please, please get out of my head Kimura Shunji. I’m too depressed to deal with you right now. Leave, por favor T-T
Hello my friends :)
Today’s team is something else. Like super duper cool. It had to be. Today is “M” and we all know what that means.
 i.e. Messi.
I was waiting for M for a long time now. Here we go:

Scott McCal from the Tv series TEEN WOLF

I love this boy.
Few things changed for Scott after he was bitten by Peter Hale and turned into a werewolf, which ushered him into the supernatural world from its widest doors. The  physical transformation was huge of course, from an average athlete kid with asthma problems, into the captain of his lacrosse team, with all the muscle and heighten senses that comes with the package. But it’s the internal transformation that is interesting, other than taking him a while to finally build his own self confidence, nothing really changed about Scott. He still is the goodhearted, justice seeker, sweet boy next door. Or rather man now.
And these are the traits that I admire the most in a protagonist.

Even if he turned into a monster he refused to become one, and as he steadily builds his own pack he remains focused on one thing, protect the innocent. He even refrains from killing the bad guys, or else that nasty Peter would have been gone a long time ago, he’s just too good and trusting which is quite the hurdle sometimes.

To make things even better, Scott is blessed with a great pack by his side, to name a few, one of a kind BFF; Stiles Stilinski. His first love was the amazing girl that died in season 3 (who I mentioned in team A) Alison Argent. Loyal Scott did not forget her, when he wrote her initials in season 5 next to his I wanted to cry. He also has a great mentor, and boss at work, Dr Deaton the druid, and another father figure that is Chris Argent, Alison’s father. He’s mother Melissa the nurse who raised him well. And let’s not forget his little first Beta, Liam Dunbar.
All these things made Deaton who cared and protected Scott right from the beginning, claim the boy will become a True Alfa. And it happened. Scott, as a true Alfa, a very rare creature that emerges every 100 years, has red eyes and power unlike any other werewolf, and he attains the status not by killing another Alfa like the norm but through strength of character alone. Now we’re talking!

I thought the eyes were just a color to differentiate the Alfa from a Beta and Omega by the way, until season 4, the night he was too sick and poisoned to see well, closed his eye, opened them and BAM! Night Sight! Wow!   

A hero to root for, when he’s around you feel safe, when he smiles you lighten up in the darkest times, when he’s feeling down the world seems to weep, the air chills and is sucked out of everything that breaths. It is very poetic when it comes to Scott McCal.
A valuable addition to the Dream Team.

Fa Mulan from the movie Mulan

She cuts her hair, she puts her father’s armor on, she jumps on his horse and flees the house to do what? Join the army.
That’s ma girl!
From all the stories of girls passing as boys in a man’s world for different reasons, Mulan is my favorite.
Desperate to bring honor to her family, as the only child who happens to be a girl, Mulan fails miserably of becoming the perfect bride for a suitable husband, not knowing what exactly is her calling, when the time comes to save her old father from a bleak future in the war against the Huns she doesn’t think twice, she becomes Bing and takes his place as his son. A clever, brave and A-class solder.
That’s ma girl!…Girl acting as boy?
The transformation is also very beautiful.
From the pretty, awkward but very loved daughter

To the quiet but quick solder Bing

And finally the warrior women Fa Mulan.

She even brings back a suitor, the Captain of her unit himself Li Shang.
Of course she had help along the way, her funny friends, especially Mushu.
Yes, China and the emperor are all saved thanks to her but what Mulan achieved was much more, fighting the prejudices against women at the time, she did something even we are too lazy or terrified to do in these modern days. She cracked the mold and plucked herself out of her boring mundane life people!
The change we say we want to do but just keep postponing,
Mulan did not play that game. She made her own rules.
 That is my girl.
Another Precious Member.

As for our upcoming M….
Since he’s our golden boy and hero and legendary forward in FC Barcelona I might just let him speak for himself. He’s one of the most influential people in the world for God’s sake!
Captain of Argentina, 2nd Captain of FC Barcelona squad, broken all records possible (ironically, even his own) freaking best football player the history of the game has ever seen.
Okay, I’m moving out.

Me llamo Lionel Andrés Messi. Now let me tell you a bit about myself.

And this is how it all began

 Now I may not be very Hulk like

Thank God for that

 And not in the tall department

with team mate Pique, Aw!

Which suits your Captain very well
Carry on Leo

 And I’m still the shy guy

 But you should know
 I got five FIFA Ballon d’Or balls (no one did this b4)

 And 3 European Golden shoes

 As for my goals
 Please Messi, only one record, we don’t have time
Sí! Sí! Most goals scored in La Liga = 308
 And only 6 goals short than Gabriel Batistuta’s all time scorer for Argentina with 56 (won’t  take long now)

 And man how I hate staying on bench even if injured

  I’m also lucky to have the loveliest family in the world

cute! Thiago, Mathiu, Antonella and father

 Play the best game with the best team in the world
 and Been coached by legends

with Maradona in Argentina
with Guardiola in Barca

 And people love me

 Cause I’m a star

 And according to The Sea Captain
 I’m kindda cute and stylish too

Now why did you have to say that? It was our secret.

Um…er..okay, back to business. What do you think about this team? Exquisite no? I mean these are the best of the best (Messi was being humble by the way, there is more to say about his illustrious career).

let me add that even for Messi there was a transformation that we Barca fans have noticed through the years, from a sweet kid, that people just passed as too cute and childish like,

Into one tough man. Even a bit spoiled brat (in a good way, that is) if you know him, when he’s in his other house between his people in Camp Nou. 

He is filling his shoes as Captain and reigning king and it is just admirable to watch.

I know that after fighting the dark beings, and bringing the supernatural world to its balance again, Messi will give Scott and Mulan tickets to the Copa del Rey Finale against Sevilla on May in the Vicente Caldirón Madrid of the Atletico. just like Bravo.

You know what? That is it! On my honeymoon I’m SO flying to Barcelona and attending a match at the Camp.
In a wedding dress! Do you all hear me!



  1. My favorites among your M-people are Messi (the greatest) and Mulan (I'm partial to those stories about girls disguising themselves as boys!). And it's fun to read about those werewolves. Congrats on fine progress with the A to Z challenge. PS I would be holding my breath for M = Messi!

    1. Finally! FINALLY someone who knows what I'm talking about, someone who actually knows who Lionel Messi is! Thanks Beth, you sure made my day.Ah yes, he is out of this world. Haha! of course your partial to those stories ^-^

  2. Yes, yes, I'd want Mulan on my team!

  3. That's quite a team you've assembled!

  4. Messi is one of the best players in the world by a long shot. Great choice :)

    1. I second that :D Thank you for commenting.

  5. I need to catch up on Teen Wolf. Everyone is talking about it, but I never got through the first few episodes... I do love Mulan, though :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Teen Wolf is a good show, season 5 is pretty gruesome though, be careful :|