Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Team Bravo!

Welcome, welcome! It’s the 2nd of April making it my birthday. Your Captain is celebrating her birthday like every year on her blog with you.
Okay, I wished for things that will take a life time to achieve on my last birthday :p and I lack the luxury of time so I’ll just  skip the melodrama and make this simple.

Of course this is also B-Day on the A to Z challenge and three members have been selected for today’s mission and they are:



Benny Lafitte from Tv series Supernatural (season 8)

I think Benny was one of the great additions to the Supernatural series in like ages. His story arc, his accent, his outfit, everything.
He was a viscous vampire before he fell in love with a women and decided to leave the life of his kind, they kill him of course, 50 years in Purgatory and Dean Winchester lands there and the trip that takes a whole year of killing and trying not to be killed begins, finally Dean helps him escape to Earth and therefore life again. His friendship with Dean was true, except we all know about our favorite older Winchester’s nasty habit of making then losing friends.

Benny’s loyalty to his friend was touching, he refrained from attacking humans, and managed to keep a clean life for a short time till things got bad and he struggled, and even then, after Dean cut all ties with him, when he called him for help Benny was there, and accepted to get killed by Dean’s hand in order to return to Purgatory and save Dean's brother Sam, choosing this time to stay behind.

Ah! how sad :(

Will they bring him back again? I googled Benny last year to realize that there was a page on facebook asking for bringing him back to Supernatural, it made me smile, not just me then. All I know is that he was back on one episode on season 10 but it was an illusion of Dean, didn’t get to that season yet, but it isn't enough, there is more to his story and I hope those working on the show to consider giving him a happy ending, such a character –goodhearted, gentle and caring -deserves to be a recurring.
Now Benny isn’t your average vampire, the practice he got on Purgatory made him much stronger and a little faster than other bloodsuckers, he takes a lot of hits before falling down, he can even walk in the sun! if with shades

He leaves no one behind whistling through the whole business.

Reassuring, don’t you think?

Batsu Ichimonji from the PS Game "Rival Schools"

Batsu, Batsu, Batsu, the traditionally angry hero. Feisty, hotheaded, loud and ready for a fight. Batsu is the main protagonist of the game Rival Schools. His story begins by witnessing his mother being kidnapped by his own estranged father, his eyes fiery, his fists clenched and his journey begins, but unlike Akira he isn’t the type that asks for help. His best friends Hinata and Kyosuke were just hard to refuse. The boy with the golden heart, Batsu honors justice and fights for what he believes, he eventually beats the evil and finds his mother while making peace with his father, happy ending.
And because of his spiked hair we used to call every singer –especially in boy bands- with such hair “a Btasu.”

Batsu is one hell of a fighter, punches and kicks like his life depends on it, you can feel his anger through his style and high pitched screams, Batsu was an instant like for me and my siblings, we all had players to call ours but Batsu wasn’t for someone, he was for everyone, which makes him in my opinion a great choice for a protagonist in a game that had an assembly of wonderful and fully fleshed-out individuals.
Trust me, you want this boy and his powerful chakara on your side.

Now leading this team can be really tricky, B & B above won’t hesitate when it comes to doing the good, but Benny’s everlasting smirk and snarky remarks will turn impatient Batsu into a raging inferno in mere seconds, for this team we need the balance and I got the man for the job;

Claoudio Bravo

Ah the Chile Cpitano is one of my favorite players on Barca. He doesn’t talk too much, he wants excellence. Ter Stegan is an awesome keeper, but when far experienced and charismatic Bravo is keeping our goal I feel much safer. The proud father of four, and last season’s best keeper in La Liga won many titles with Barca on his first season and lead Chile to winning the 2015 Copa America.
As a celebrated Captain of a currently respectable team Bravo can handle the opposites of B and B, he can also handle something else, allow me to explain:

Show time.
A group of the enemy carries a device that the dream team wants, in a route that Bravo chose himself, they will be completely spooked hearing Benny’s whistle, stumbling in the dark and walla! Benny emerges from one side, and Batsu from another, the fight begins, Benny will go in circles, attacking everywhere and distracting attention, Batsu with a chakara trips the carrier, snatches it mid air and throws the device with full force as far as he could where Bravo with a high jump catches it, lands unscathed on the ground jumps right on his feet and bolts announcing the end of the mission, Benny covered in blood by now grabs an energetic Batsu (throwing his hardest punch on a jaw) and highlights, before whoever is still alive regroups.

Post victory. You can find the dream team in Camp Nou, and a match between Fc Barcelona and Atletico is about to begin, Bravo standing in front of the net will raise a hand to his two friends in the crowd feeling easier now that Batsu had followed his advice, they both return the gesture, Benny happy to remove his glasses now that the sun came down will be thinking how things have changed the last time he was in a stadium when he was still human, Batsu following Bravo’s advice invited his friend Roberto and had him sit between him and the old vampire so hell doesn’t break loose. Except the football playing Roberto will be completely awe struck by what he is seeing, and on the head of every minute asks Batsu again if he was really serious when he said they will meet the players in the locker room after the match and how he even managed to be Bravo’s friend. That will make B and B stare at each other then explode laughing.
Dude, Enough already!

Ah! I wish I was there now (pouts)

Well, see on Thursday Insha’Allah.


  1. So glad you're blogging again! Happy Birthday and what an action packed post. Benny is one of the best characters added to Supernatural in recent years. Another later favorite is Charlie and we all know how that turned out. We love and miss them both.

  2. I did love Benny too :) We don't get enough Cajun characters on television... :P

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  3. You've written a fascinating post about characters/shows/people I know nothing about! I enjoyed reading about your team . . . a perfect team to celebrate writing AND your birthday!