Thursday, April 7, 2016

Team E and an Announcement

State of Day. This post has been delayed due to internet connection troubles.

Also. I’m really sorry, but I’m officially announcing that I will not be finishing this challenge with you, I don’t want to post things I’m not convinced about and to give it my all means doing badly in my Master research which of course cannot happen. Bottom line is don’t except to see the letters dancing daily on my blog. It is most unfortunate, and I thank you for your support and comments so far.

Your Captain.
Greetings my friends!

I’m posting for you today from a blue box where all the magical things tack-place, we can go to meet our old depressed future versions, or be hunted down by weeping angels, or solve the mystery of a mysterious crack on the wall and maybe dine with Liz 10 as we sale by a freezing star.
Have I made myself obvious enough? Ha!
Today’s team is special and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Eleven from British Tv Series Doctor Who 

Our sweet giraffe like, bow-tie fan, geronimo shouting, big hearted hero. Eleven was my entrance to the brilliant world of Doctor Who. This theme will be incomplete without him. I still watch this show and feel that early giddy feeling. Eleven, the genius, the intellectual, whimsical and unpredictable, so childish and innocent yet very wise. Always standing there smiling and curious as ever. And when he regenerated he did it with great clamor, when coming to the world and when departing.

But like the rest of us the mighty time lord fears losing his friends/companions. He suffered when separated from Amy and Rory and his wife River and regardless of all her pleas and tears he sent Clara away as he was facing his final battle. But his biggest pain comes from the one depressing  fact, that he is the last of his kind.

No place, in time or space (almost) is immune to his Tardis, Eleven points his multi use screwdriver and saves himself time. Feared by many enemies he is also the target of every wicked mind in the universe.  But riding with him you guarantee a worthy adventure, loads of fun and lots and lots of Goosebumps, you will not be bored for a second. And if you have a question he has an answer.

Amelia Poulain from the French film Amélie

This very famous, award winning film is beautiful, colorful, cute, funny and filled with the right amount of feelings worthy of your tears.
Amelia, a lonely waitress, wants to mother the world! She sees herself as an angel whose sole purpose is to make other people happy. In her quirky way and mischievous style  Amelia does a number of good deeds that were generally successful. Odd acts like breaking and entering, forging letters, disguising as zoro wasn’t a problem to her, her successes included returning a box of childhood treasures to a man who thought those memories were gone forever, convincing a sad widow that her husband (died years ago after leaving for another woman) was actually on his way back to her filled with genuine love and remorse, and made too depressed people fall in love. She even helped her father follow his old dream of touring the world.
Amelia lived through other people’s stories and that lead to her finding her own love story.
She likes to work alone, except sometimes she asks her sick  old neighbor Raymond Dufayel for help. 

But because she’s so eager to serving others and because she is as curious as Eleven himself she will overcome her shyness and fears and be more than ready to join on a rescue mission that crosses all time and space and add other creatures to her list of unfortunate soles that till now only included humans. Don’t see her sweet smile, she has her devilish ways with bullies too. I would want her in my team.

Edge from the PS Game Rival Schools

And here we are again back to RS
I love this game people, and I mentioned when I talked about Batsu that we distinguished our favorite fighters back then, my brothers and I, I sadly do not recall all of my team, maybe Kyosuke or Hinata? But I remember very well Roy and Edge.

Now why did I chose this little knife-fighting trouble maker? So not my type. Even as a teenager I was very idealistic and liked the good guys. Allow me to explain:

1- the reason we bought RS in the first place is that we read about it in a PS magazine. It had all the characters and their characteristics listed and their moves (that taught me how to make character sheets by the way). Edge had an interesting fact about him, he hated his real name which is Eiji Yamada. Somehow this got linked in my mind with Tales (Super Sonic’s best friend) he too hated his real name “Miles”. These two facts clicked together and I guess I found him likable for it.

2- JoySpoiler found the story mode, and the first one he played with was Akira (who as I told you before met her team mates Edge and Gan under the bridge) the animation work was breathtaking, the night, the bridge, the sense of danger, the voices were spot on, his voice was sharp and slim exactly like him, I just loved that boy and his attitude, I liked so much how he began every fight with that distinctive laugh of his (that I can still mimic) and a string of Japanese words that I guess meant making fun of his opponent.

And here you have it, I became an Edge fan, his fighting style was so different than anything I’ve seen, and he had that nasty team-up technique called bloody prison, he will force the opponent few steps away only to dash at him with his knife and along with his team member 3 times laughing all through it. Man I loved doing that move.
Edge is a gangster, carless and lazy, but he’s a true friend, in fact he's nice, under the smirks and annoying remarks, after his first shock that Akira was actually a girl, he bounced right back from it, to him it's just meh! Boy or girl you’re still the friend I fought and bled with. 

Edge is always on his toes to get into a battle and a knife in his hand is lethal. And weather you want him to irritate the enemy or delay him out of confusion he will be more than happy to make use of his, well, street language.

The Barca player who must report for me is even younger than Sergi Roberto, which is suitable to a mission that includes Doctor Who and his crazy adventures a young man will enjoy so much.

 Munir el Haddadi

This winsome 20 years old young man is another invention of the great la masia. Munir isn’t just an FC Barcelona player he is a Spanish National, proving how good he is.
Very impressing right from the beginning, Munir debuted with the first team in 2014 in a match against Elche and scored the 2nd goal in the match that ended with 3-0, he was lucky to start till Neymar returned from injury that season. All loved him, the great new left footed comer.
But the reality is this: This kid, who I adore, needs the trip in the Tardis more than Edge and Poulain, his time on the bench because of an all rule from the legendary MSN is probably giving him a hard time. I want him to have fun and come back with a stronger resolve and a fired ambition.

So here’s what will happen:
The Doctor will knock on three doors, tell Poulain she can be a superhero and save all the weak and hungry to her satisfaction, tell Edge he can rule over all the gangs he wants, tell Munir he can learn the secret to becoming the next Lionel Messi, his idol.

Munir and his idol Messi

OMG! This is so cute! Munir, Messi & Neymar playing :p

And hop! He will have three very excited companions who will, mind you, knock him out of the way to get inside his blue box.

So now that Eleven secured the team let the games begin:
Show Time:
On a faraway parallel world, a planet similar to Earth, the people are desperate for saving from a supreme dictator administration known as The Four, in them each member of the team will meet their evil version:
Amelia will be shocked to see that her evil twin has became obsessed with people’s lives, she cut herself from society entirely and settled in a high tower with a dozen screens and a supercomputer where she sees everything, spies on everyone and control others from where she is. Even worse, she no longer smiles.
Edge won’t like what he sees when his evil version emerges out of a limousine , he’s  ruled over all the underworld on the expense of everything he once cared for, his family, his best friends, and even his school, he always looked up to Daigo his boss with respect but this Edge acting like he’s the next Daigo is not the boss, he’s not Edge, he’s not even Eiji.
Munir will discover that the Munir of this world has actually cracked the secret and became the best football player in the world but to his dismay he has turned into a spoiled, shallow, angry fellow who drowns his emptiness  with drugs and other forms of vice.
Even Eleven will be face to face with a Time Lord who surrendered completely to his personal demons and became a War Lord.
After every member of the dream team puts a stop to the evil version they meet again at the city square. Emily learning that her passion for helping others should never stop her from living her own life and connecting with loved ones on a deeper level. Edge now realizes that although he can change his name as much as he wants; being himself is the only way to mind-peace and self respect. Suddenly 'Eiji' does not sound that bad, if only he can figure out who he really is. Munir on the other hand has decided he does not want to know the secret. Short cuts to greatness can only last so far and end in disasters. He will trust in God’s timing and fulfill his destiny the old fashioned way, hard work.
What happens between Eleven and the War Lord -who is revealed to be not an evil character after all- was depicted in a Christmas Special called The Day of The Doctor.

Post Victory. The dream team is lauded by the people of the planet as their savors, after celebrations they will be invited to live with them as honorable citizens. But they must return home. On the way, and as the Doctor promised, he will take them to dine with the awesome Liz 10 of starship UK, and say hi to the star whale (that serves as the engine moving the whole country in space). Eleven will deliver every member to their doorstep, giving them keepsakes.
Some odd cool things, I don’t know, maybe like what I brought from my trip to the historical site of Al Bagrawiyah, where I saw the wonderful pyramids of Meroë (because you see; in Sudan we have pyramids too, yay!).  

The Lion

This cute small basket

The fabulous “Bukhsa” (with this you can actually turn milk into cream)

And my very own Pyramid :D

Surprisingly when he drops Munir at his doorstep in Barcelona, he will not hand him something.
The Doctor, smiling solemnly from the entrance of the Tardic, will say
“you got everything you need here” pointing to his heart.
He will leave him with some words of wisdom, that the young Barca player will think about long after the Tardis dematerializes carrying his Alien friend.

Ah! That was a lot of work :p

Okay Bye!


  1. Sorry to hear you're bowing out, Haneen, but I totally understand. This challenge is a daunting amount of work.

    Good luck with your studies!

    1. Thank you :)there is always next year.

  2. Im glad to meet you through A to Z which is why I do the challenge to meet a few rare souls like you. I can tell you work really hard on your posts.

    Hugs from the Moon