Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for Team Alluring

State of Day. Sorry, sorry! A bit late, told ya I got a research to finalize :p
Greetings everyone

This is the A to Z Challenge and the "A" dream team is ALLURING!
Five members have been selected for today’s mission and it is getting intense already. 

Allrighty then, let’s get to business:

Alison Argent from Tv series Teen Wolf

One of the best characters of the show that we had to endure losing on season 3 finale. As a member of a prestigious family of hunters Alison is an expert in fire arms, combat, the supernatural beings and she is an elite archer. Passionate, fearless, smart and will die for her friends. What I see as her best trait is how intuitive she was, she believed some lies along the way concerning her friends but she always used her head, searched for answers herself and got back on track.
All is realized when you hear her now and again reciting the family’s code:

Alice Cullen. The Twilight Saga

Alice Cullen (The Twilight Saga) : got my hair cut like this...or so i thought!:

Who doesn’t know the girl who can see the future, and the vampire that brings the style to the Cullens.
She’s also an item (if you can call her so) highly on the Viltory list.
Yea, yea she got the spunk, but you know what? seeing the future is a burden that can drive you insane if you let it, and though Alice hides it well with her carefree personality you can still sense the waves of emotions underneath and appreciate more the role she played in saving her family from complete ruin in the final book.
a valuable special ability and vampire power to bring to the table, Alice is an A-letter member you can’t ignore.

Princess Alyrra from Thorn by Intisar Khanani

One can say Princess Alyrra looks like this


Except she spent the majority of the book looking like this


Yes, she lost her identity, her name and even her body but she managed, and she managed well.

Spoilers Ahead
Alyrra learnt the duties of her position the hard way, and while disguised - believe it or not as a goose girl - in a foreign land where her language is barely spoken she made good relations with the Monarchy, the nobles, a magical horse, the lord of thieves and even an evil witch! She broke a curse that plagued the Ruling members of her husband’s family for years and years.
End of Spoiler

Okay…so what can she do? She’s not skilled at any form of martial arts or arms but she has that elusive power of persuasion. Alyrra can simply talk you to death, if it benefits her cause. With such power this girl can get the team the best bargain when shopping for weapons and whatever the mission needs, she can also be the best candidate to bring back those in the who stumble into the dark side or fall under brainwash of any kind.
Something else, she’s ridiculously immune to corruption. 

Akira Kazama from the PS game “Rival Schools”


I loved playing with Akira. There is more than one reason for that. Rival Schools wasn’t just X vs Y but one of those games that provide its characters with a great story. Akira approached  Edge and Gan (two boys from her brother's gang) one night under the bridge disguised as a boy wearing full bicker, helmet to boots, asking for aid to find her missing older brother Daigo. To convince them she needed to fight them, but it all worked out in the end.
Akira is strong welled, a really good hand to hand fighter with a hint of magic, she’s not much of a talker and compensates with action, always there to have your back when you call for her.

The supervision for this all girls team, needs a solid leader, big hearted yet demands respect, that is why I chose no other than FC Barcelona’s fourth Captain;

Javier Alejandro Mascherano

The Argentinean defender/midfielder is the man for tough times, he is very loyal, a true leader in the pitch with the confession of his own team members and he is well respected in both Argentina and Braca. Masche is one of those players who possess a rare unbroken spirit that coaches will kill for, he simply doesn’t give up.  His role in the field makes him a natural when it comes to laying plans and strategies. His strong personality will be essential in keeping the team focused on the bigger picture.

Show Time:
Alice will see the enemy approaching from far away, giving Masche and Alison a good time to put the perfect plan, and Alyrra to provide what the team needs, and when the time comes, Alison will be positioned somewhere pivotal to use her bow and arrow, Alice and Akira will engage in combat with the enemy, and Masche will bark orders through the ear pieces the girls have with Allyra grapping his shirt every now and then to stop him from running into the battle field and save his girls, he’s a man of action, what can we say?

Post victory. Allyra will tend to a wounded Akira and Alison making good use of her home made remedies. Alice will be smiling charmingly, thinking of taking Jasper to a date in the woods and feed meanwhile Masche gives a great speech of how proud he is of what the girls achieved, and suggest that they should all celebrate, a nice restaurant maybe? but not before reminding them that a broken limp, royal duties and a boy, especially a boy, are not good enough excuses for coming late to tomorrow morning’s full session of hardcore training.
Ladies, The enemy never sleeps!

Hope you enjoyed the first post :) see you for "B" Insha’Allah. 


  1. My goodness, Haneen. You're a pop culture expert. I only recognise Emilie deRavin of Lost/Roswell fame. Great post.

    1. Thank you for an amazing comment :") and you know I did not recognize that is actually Emilie de Ravin? OMG! this is really her! Typical of me.

  2. Hah! Nice team! I did not like Twilight, but I did like Alice as a character, she was one of the highlights of the movies. :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. True, Alice was the highlight of the movies, a really good character.

  3. Really interesting approach to the A to Z! Sad to say I've never heard of any of these characters (except for Alice), so I'm sure I'll learn a lot over the month.

  4. You really do love Rival Schools. Allison was definitely a great character on Teen Wolf. Loved Showtime, I could imagine that fight right in my head so vividly. Amazing work out the gate Haneen.

  5. Ha! I love your description of Alyrra. So cool to see her on your team--and what an awesome line-up you have! I can totally see this team rocking it! :)