Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z Challenge I'm still alive

State of day. Yea I’m still alive, can you believe it? and my God! so many new followers, welcome everyone :)


R is for Relationships. In my books I realized something, two kinds of relationships almost take over immediately as if it’s my default setting when developing a new idea, Parent & child and friendship relationship. Not surprisingly the two play a focal part in my life.
The parent–child relationship is mostly plagued with tension and conflict. In my first novel Nights and in the very first chapter Mark does something terrible, the result is an early clash with his parents, their relationship is pretty complex and depicting his feelings regarding them was a challenge for me.
While writing the scene (the confrontation with his father)  I was in such a state of stress wearing on a zombie face with teary eyes. Missalwayswhining came into the room and was shocked, I pretty much kicked her out.
When I finished and was back to myself again I’m telling you it surprised me, I tried to explain it to her afterwards. It was my first book to start in such a heating moment, not action but complex feelings. I had no specific experience for the emotional toll writing certain scenes could have on the writer. And can my sister ever understand such a feeling? After all these are all imaginary situations. That scene was important to me because Mark was speaking through me, all he felt, the angst, the pain and frustration was seeping through my own subconscious. It was awful but the relief I felt after it, worth it. As if it was a healing session of some sort.
Everything I knew about my character before this early scene was something and what I learned about him after it was something entirely different. Mark wasn’t any vampire boy to me, he was an over exaggerated male version of me. This in itself was a great discovery.
Friendship relationship. You’d have noticed that I mentioned my Intermediate school days a couple times on this blog and the explanation to this is that those were the most important years of my life why? The biggest reason is that back then I was surrounded by friends, cluttered to be exact. And all of those amazing girls weren’t ordinary friends they were the best. I was so protective of them, all of them, I saw myself as their mother and sincerely wanted them all to be happy. Till today I look back to those days to extract how to write this kind of relationship in my books. Friendship is sacred to me, no matter what happens  I do all I can to keep it solid.
I can’t have a protagonist roaming around alone for a long time. In Extracted Chris, just like Mark, at the beginning of the book is a lonely boy, suffering from the not far away loss of his mother and an already established conflict with his stepfather, but it doesn’t take long until he meets another boy who will become the best friend of his life, just a while in and he meets his second best friend. Chris’s life changes by so many experiences but the driving force remains the strong influence they bring to his life. They provide for him what my friends provided for me in my teenage years, loyalty, encouragement and support and many more. 
Because of my personal feelings when betrayal wounds a friendship in my books it drives the complete plot, and I find it hard to let the relationship die completely, problem but I'm working on it.

Now for a series of really cool cool people all imaginary save two :)

R is also for the one and only River Song.

S is for the amazing Shinichi Kudo

T is for Tito Villanova.

A minute of silence to the falling solder.
  Goodbye coach, it has been an honor watching Barca shine under your leadership, even if it was only for half a season.

U is for Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto’s best friend and archenemy.

V is for Vivi the black magic of Final Fantasy 9, I loved him so dearly.

W is for the greatest Who ever, Eleven.

X is for Xavi

And Y is for the sweetie Yu Gi Oh!

only one letter left. 
wishing fore no more drama, I gotta finish on time :|

See you soon
 I hope


  1. Ah! You ARE alive. Yippee! Well, I guess that's one way to catch up. I'll take it. Good to have you back. (Even if it's only for one more day.)

    True Heroes from A to Z

    1. well Crystal, ya don't say humph! at least I didn't cheat with the letter X ! :P better late than never eh :) besides it's my first time in the challenge, I'm doing all I can considering my connection problems. Only a few hours left now....

  2. You are alive, therefore I am too because I see you and hear you, and appreciate your prose. Haneen, that was my attempt at poetry, which isn't very good, so I'll keep at it. Happy Spring!

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Joylene, Spring s pretty hot here but a happy one to you too.

  3. I decided to pop back for Z and I think you're perfect for my special badge. Yugi is a sweet heart and the Uchiha legacy is so painful it almost makes Sasuke real. Vivi! I love him too! I bought FFIX last year but have to wait for the PS2 I got second hand to arrive so can play it. Somehow my dear sibs broke the old one. Thanks guys. So glad you came back and can't wait to see what you do for Z Haneen.

    Relationships are essential in a book and while I rely more on friendships and dual purpose relationships. I recall one unfinished manuscript that relied heavily on parent - family/child relationship. My wip Normal had the M.C. Charlie and she was an outcast in her world for being Normal. In Airee being Normal meant you weren't Special and had no powers. Normals were treated as second class citizens and besides being relegated to certain areas whether it was shopping or public transportation. All her clothes had to have an N on them identifying her status. She was however able to deal with this through a very supportive family (with the exception of two of her three siblings) unit who didn't let her wallow in self pity and treated her like anyone else. Also they resisted the rules as much as possible and made nice clothes for Charlie to wear so she didn't have to wear the drab clothes the government issued for Normals since they were banned from wearing most store bought clothes. She also had three friends though besides Alex who went to school with her she didn't get to see them very often and he was pretty clueless to her plight since he believed fully in Airee law though not in the prejudice against Normals.