Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Frozen, Flora & Flounder

Be ready, Long post ahead ;)

Have you seen Frozen? Breathtaking animation, never had ice been more stunning. I loved the North European culture took to the film. The story itself is actually good and thank God! less concentrating on the insta love and the notorious true love kiss and the rest of that –sorry- Disney junk. It was about love though, sister’s love.

When Elsa went to the mountains it was wonderful in a tragic way, she was finally able to embrace her true talented self but with the price of living alone forever. Elsa to me was a very aware and responsible character from a very young age, all she wanted was to protect others and especially her sister Anna from getting accidentally hurt by her ever growing and uncontrolled power.
Aa ha, It didn’t end well. Not the issue here. 
Here I stand and here I’ll stay. Loved that. Let it Go is an awesome song.

Anna is a sweetheart, she’s the dreamer in the film, she’s more like me, talking to pictures, staring to the big clock in the hall. She isn’t a damsel in distress but a brave women who takes things into her own hands.
Olaf and Kristoff were both enjoyable characters, and I pretty much adored how the snowman was a living proof of the great affection the sisters held for each other.
And you know what? Even Hans was sympathetic to me. He’s a weasel but from my experience of living in a big family, it’s a great way of life yet sometimes certain members get lost in translation. Hans was ready to do anything to find himself a new home and status, eager to show that he also counts.

The drift that happened between the two sisters who were once very close was agitating. When they finally got to stand next to each other in the coronation day it was such a joy watching them bond again. Of course that only lasted for a short while and ended with a disaster but let’s not dwell on that part eh.
All in all NOT a waste of time :)
And I decided:
One day I’ll be making my own animation film.
Flora or Flor, is a key character in my WIP ‘The League.’
For many years she lived under the shadow of her older sister Vi who practically raised her. Flora is talented, she’s strong but also sweet and pretty much awkward and funny, and these are the same traits her sister appears to not approve of. Vi is a cutthroat straightforward women, the best member of The League that the family had in generations and Flora believes she will never be someone unless her pretty much perfect sister says so.
I had a good time writing her side of the story, although I don’t have an older sister (it's me by the way) a lot of my own insecurities I channeled through this character who I love to pieces.
Yet again (as I always point) what did Mr Darcy say (in Amanda Granger’s Mr.Darcy’s Diary) after stating to Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle that Pemberley is one of the finest estates in England?

‘but then I am partial’

Spot on Fitzwhilliam!

You have Got to READ that book.


Moving On

The Little Mermaid is one of my first Disney movies if not the first, I remember father entering the house with the tap in his hand, God I loved that movie, we still have it! huh who still uses Video taps?

Disney again! I hear you say, trust me I didn’t plan for it, it’s the Evil doings of the letter F.

Flounder, Arial’s lovely yellow fish friend, is a character that I will never forget, I loved how his braveness shows in the darkest moments, his friendship and loyalty to Ariel was limitless, he accompanied her through the scariest places and the wearying of journeys and never even complained.
He even witnessed the horrible transformation of Ariel from  mermaid to human in Ursula’s den and when he realized his friend couldn’t swim anymore (and of course Ursula didn’t care since she was busy witch laughing) he rushed to her rescue with Sebastian and pulled her to the surface.
now that I get think about it  that was probably  the swim of his life.

I know what you’re thinking,

What about when he helped her reach the Prince’s ship with the barrels and almost killed himself in the process. People that was a tiring retched business! I still believe the first one was the most effective because he had to be fast, Arial wasn’t breathing underwater anymore, and the whole atmosphere was weird and spooky.
Cute Flounder even stood in the face of the King her father when he was scolding her –at the beginning of the movie- for missing the concert, Flounder was terrified, still he gave his explanation.
Yes it back fired on all of them but that’s not the point.
I remember very vividly how I felt when I saw him jumping in the water under the bridge, in the city, where the carriage of Ariel and Eric was passing. I felt my heart become warmer, that was so sweet that he followed her there, he was a fish, it was all he could do…and he did it.
Memories like these never fade away, it shapes who we are.

In times of need it’s friends like Flounder who a girl would want by her side, to aid, support and believe.

Wow three topics for one letter!

F must be my lucky pot :) 

Tell tomorrow 


  1. I have not seen Frozen. Yet. (I don't get out to the theater anymore, so I wait for movies on TV. It's hard to knit in a movie theater!)

    1. I miss knitting :( I used to do it when I was really young, now it's been years. I need to revive this hobby again

  2. I've been wanting to make an animated film for a long time. I even started a treatment a while back. I didn't get very far but I want to get back to it and one hire a screen writer or learn how to do it myself. I don't remember the name but I recall it was about a young man who wanted to marry his fiance who was rich. They had to visit her mother who didn't approve of the man with meager means as weird habits. But what was special about him was that he had talking silver ware passed down from his mother and often went to them for advice. Led by Spork, the man's fiance's mother freaked at seeing the taped up ill wear silverware and demanded it be thrown away. He instead hid it and in the night Spork and the other utensils went exploring. To their surprise while exploring the mother's cabinet with rare silverware, one came to life. It was a fork that had been around for centuries and considered itself to be protector of the house. After demanding a reason for their presence, he insulted Spork by referring to him a strange spectral item because in his time something like a Spork didn't exist. (That's all I remember right now).

    I do plan to dust if off one day and continue but right now my focus is on writing my novels (and poetry though this has taken a bit of a break). I missed seeing Frozen in theatres and with all the 3D animated movies coming it is unlikely it will get a return viewing anytime soon. I was so mad when Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs got a weekend in February. I was hoping for Frozen. I like your character Flor and The League sounds interesting. Flounder is such a sweet loveable character. You made me see him in a new light today. Plus The Little Mermaid is one of the best animated movies of all time.

    1. Wow Sheena that's amazing :) you have to finish it I need to see!!! it's an old dream of mine, making my own manga series, turn it into an anime, a PlayStation game, and make an animated film :) Thanks for your kind words about my Flor, and isn't it amazing to see Flounder differently after all these years?

  3. I haven't seen Frozen, but should. Your story sounds like a good one. I've lived in the shadow of my big sisters my whole life, so I understand feeling like I need their approval for my choices.

    1. it's always a big thing, living under someone, it take us time to shine on our own.

  4. I love that you were able to spill your own feelings and insecurities into your character. I think the strongest characters are a cockeyed mirror reflection of their creators.