Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm BACK! I is for Iniesta along with J and K

Guys I’m back. And I’m being as optimistic as possible saying that. I really missed you all and the A to Z challenge and I hope you all are doing great in your life.
Well I formatted my poor laptop, and of course silly me had to lose many files and posts and all my e-books except some I managed surprisingly to save. Don’t worry I still have my manuscripts and research draft. If I lost those well I would be in an asylum by now. Still it’s a disaster.
I missed Charity’s Dr Who posts more than anything. Really…life without the internet while Dr Who is talked about and explained! That’s harsh.
As I promised my I, J and K are all together in one post, I’ll do all I can to catch up.

There is a number of people I wish to meet in life, Andres Iniesta is one of them. If it wasn’t for Messi, the La Masia graduate and one of the greatest midfielders of all time would have been my favorite player.
He is my favorite person in the world football though.

First time. I saw Iniesta was on 2010 World Cup, didn’t really realize he existed until the very end when he turned himself into a living legend and the most lovable character in his country, the same moment he also made me and my family (except for Robobro who favored Netherlands) jump to our feet from the couch screaming in overwhelming joy. That’s right, it was when he scored the only goal in the finale between Spain and Netherlands in South Africa and therefore giving Spain its first ever world cup win and securing Man Of The Match for himself.

Afterwards I realized something else.
He isn’t just a magnificent player.

He removed that shirt and revealed the famous “Dani Jarque: always with us,"
(Captain of Espanyol, his friend who passed in 2009)
Iniesta is also a good man.
By becoming a Barca fan I had the privilege of watching a stand ovation from audiences on other fields in Spain whenever he gets in or comes out of a game. It happened so often I lost count. That was appreciation and he deserved it, he gave his people the gift of hope, achievement and happiness.
But the day they played against Espanyol, the previous house of Jarque, was so amazing it gave me goose bumps, not only the whole stadium but even players applauded Iniesta’s departing of the field. I remember watching the match replay in the morning only to record it as a video on my mobile.

Yellow cards are rare for Iniesta, even when he performs some defense role he does it clean and sharp. He isn’t known for bad temper or any sort of reckless behavior, even if he gets annoyed all he does is move his hands and leave.
Only once, just once during the four years I watched him play I can say he actually looked angry,  and pretty entitled to do so if you asked me, the side referee decided his goal was canceled in a match, it was a rightful goal by the way, he wanted to celebrate it for his newborn daughter back then, so he and Xavi the captain went to listen to the referee, but what was funny is that he was the one who walked after seconds looking really pissed off leaving Xavi still arguing.
Well no worries because:

it happened, haha, the universal signature for daddy celebrating newborn baby in the world of football :) they all do it

he was spotted by scouts of La masia (the Barcelona youth academy) from a young age, his talent was so great that Pep Guardiola his previous Barca couch (Bayern Munich couch now) and personal role-model said to Xavi ‘you are going to retire me but Iniesta will retire us both’

Style of play. Iniesta tackles the ball with such serenity and a breath taking control, and the amount of dexterity he has! I’m speechless, I just don’t know how he sees the other player who is so far and pass, correctly?! everything about his play appears so effortless and beautiful and artistic, and I love so much the sense of safeness that he gives when he takes the ball to himself, you just know he isn’t going to lose it, I mean, it’s never boring to watch him almost trip by opponents only to straighten himself and highlight away.
I also respect his work ethics, his strong wellness to always evolve and perform his best. To Spain’s international team couch Vicente del Bosque Iniesta is “the complete footballer”

Iniesta is always on facebook, posting pictures of his happy and winning moments with team-mates and when he speaks of his wife he does with great respect. He also likes making contests and giving gifts.
I liked that he took 100 of his fans who won a contest (I think of best comment) to watch Skyfall.
And do you know he gave his voice for an animation film.

The smiling and good-hearted Iniesta who is adored in my homeland.

And they made an Iniesta puppet! Awe!!

I remember in 2011 FIFA Club World Cup in Japan something very controversial happened. Barca won against Santos and therefore the tournament, Everyone expected the award for number three best player to be his, of course the Fifa had to give it to Neymar, he got much more fan base and BIG sponsors you see, I don’t regard it as Neymar’s fault but I hated the whole thing, when the camera zoomed on Iniesta’s face I felt terrible.
Disappointment was there. Mild but was still there.
He was phenomenal and he got out of the race cause, well, it’s unfair world.
Besides they ruined another great photo to-be of the Trio!
But you know what happened after that? Something just “Ah! So awesome!” :)
It was this

In his town, they made an award, gave to him, then named it the Andres Iniesta award.
Now that is gratitude :)
This is how good people should be treated.

And there’s a story I just love to tell others about Iniesta and what a humble and ordinary man he is. A women saw him in the bar and came to him, he thought she was going to ask for his autograph but…she asked for fanta.
Iniesta went and brought it to her.
‘Extracted’ is a book still in the outlining process and Iniesta was my choice for a character that is a good friend and an honorable man in a twisted futuristic world.
He is always a suitable choice for a best friend :)
Iniesta, a well-mannered, good hearted and modest man who is a very great example for everyday heroes, what’s not to like?

As for the little J, let’s just say it’s for all the J-ays I know :D



And what was that Sesame Street song?
J, Jo, Jeans
And jellybeans
And lets sing a song about J

K is for Katana sword :) me and StrategyKid are into swords, now we might not agree on all but the one we both admire the most is the Japanese Katana of the Samurai age :) I mean just look at it

I have one character who uses two of these perfect creations so Ha!

That's all for today, I will be jamming the next post so don't panic eh :)

Till Tomorrow


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    1. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind lol!

  2. Wow! Hope your technical difficulties are not too problematic, Haneen! Great posts here. You're more interested in the soccer than I am. :-) Great to see such an eclectic mix of Sci fi and soccer and fantasy and samurai culture and your own clearly wonderful work elsewhere on the site! I'm adding you to the blogs I follow now coz I wanna return.

    1. Man! you just made my whole month. What can I say (oh o! big head rolling down) I'm just a mixture of so many things and that is exactly what I love to write about, Thank You and welcome to my humble blog :)