Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q has a story but L.M.N.O.P come first

Quina Quen, one of the weirdest queerest characters I ever encountered in the Final Fantasy games

Ladies and gentlemen

Presenting the Ultimate alphabet race

Beginning with the lovely L and finishing with the queer Q

L is for my Laura another character from The League, a brave red headed young girl who fights with a long sword and has a ton of attitude, her special power is communicating with animals which makes this pic right out of a scene from the book.

N is for Naruto the fabulous kid who brought a long secret wish for writing manga and doing my own anime series back into my life.

Do I even have to? M is for Messi the greatest football player of all time.

O is for the confusing Olala, seriously what does it mean? It sounds all naughty and infuriating to me!


And P is for Prophet Mohammad (SAAWS)of course, the greatest human ever lived :)  

Now for today’s letter:
Q is a queer letter indeed. I always loved the word quicksand, I wish I could call myself quick-witted but I just learned the word quacksalver and I cracked, by the way, I swear I had no idea that the adjective queenly existed, I swear.  
Q is also pretty close and inseparable from the letter U. My best friend Yousrah and me once went to the Tv station to see if we can get a part in a talent show, I was supposed to recite a poem and Yousrah sing. Days after that the producer called Yousrah and talked to her, he asked about me and she said ‘yea she’s right here’ and handed me the phone, we were in collage that day, the man sounded surprised and he mused to me ‘Haneen! What is it with you and Yousrah always together like Q and U?’

Yup! Good inseparable friends. And that is a Q.E.D for you (hey I’m getting smarter by the second)

I'm all good with the rest in the challenge now. Proud :)

See you soon lovelys


  1. Good friends should be close together like Q and U. =) Whew! You're almost caught up.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  2. Cute! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.