Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for a Crazy Story

you know what?
this C is too classy for this post
how about this one?

it could work.

or even this one

Yea well, I think I made it very clear to you now, get ready for this CRAZY story about a crazy day in a cray house.

I warned ya, don't blame me if you got entangled some where there, Okay!

Once upon a time there was a big house filled with many people of all shapes and sizes, 
chaos was the theme in that vanished by the Wicked Witch Of The West house.
A tall women was swinging to the music from the radio
‘you are my African Queen, The girl in my dreams’
The baby sneaked into the bathroom, unnoticed
An angry looking guy was watching a football match on the Tv, his team was losing.
A young girl, with a troubled face, was running from one room to another, searching for God knows what. She’s too swift to fall into Alice’s hole in the middle of the hall
A boy on a bicycle outside came riding in fast, 
huh! guess where he’s heading
but as far as I am concerned my afro was a mess!
I yelled at my uncle, who was busy fixing the machine,
 ‘hurry up! fix the darn hair dryer, my afro is a mess!’
all greasy and oily with the thick ‘instead of oil’ hair cream
‘I need to be ready for the party’
 I screamed a gain
My uncle growled,
‘hurry!’ I screeched, ‘before it happens!’

The tall women was twirling round and round,
the baby was in a water splashing bliss
The young girl stopped in the middle looking anxious
‘where is my black head scarf?’ she argued, ‘I need to go to the store, gotta buy a copy book to write my home work before it happens!’
the angry guy grumbled
‘No No you fool!’ 
to the diving player on the screen ‘no time for games, score now before it happens!’

The boy on the bicycle went straight into the hole,
he was screaming through his fall
when the dancing tall women almost ran into me leaving  the room,
 to get the happy baby out of the bathroom
‘I better find it fixed when I’m back’ 
I yelled at my uncle closing the water.
‘Die Hard!’
Yup, that was the watching guy.

The young girl was hysterical now, throwing all kinds of fabrics on my way as I pulled the very unhappy wet baby to the next room
‘hey watch it!’ I said to her
‘I swear!’ more to herself ‘if it happens before I’m done I’ll strangle someone’
I panicked as I remembered,
I ran to my uncle with the naked baby in my arms
‘my afro is dying, I need to be ready before the sun goes down!’
He was surly busy
The boy was on his bicycle again
when did he got out?

The tall women raised the volume
The girl yelled in great delight
‘I found the scarf!’
‘I fixed the hair dryer’
That was the boy
And the baby was crying
The tall women was moon-walking
‘Come On! Come On!’
the angry guy unknotted his eyebrows with anticipation!
I was shaken with cheerfulness, plugged the machine in
And then
It happened
The electricity was dead

‘my grads are gone’
Cried the girl
‘my victory moment is ruined!’
 the guy knotted them back again
‘my party night is done’
 I wept to my uncle who helplessly shrugged
The boy was climbing through the hall and the tall women decided she was board
She switched the radio off and sang with her thin flirty voice to the little baby
who rocked her diper up and down baby
up and down.

Now go laugh and I'll see you tomorrow


  1. Oh my. That's a pretty crazy household. I'll take the relative quiet of this one and call myself lucky. ;)

  2. Wow. That's a mess of people.

  3. funny. Happy A to Z. glad I visited

  4. That's insane. Talk about a great story for population control and how many people you should REALLY let live in your house.

    1. well Sheena in Sudan there isn't really an exact number of people you can keep under your roof, relatives of all kinds can just come and stay :|

  5. Wow. That's just a little crazy!